【Anti Acne】How to choose anti acne cosmetics

Before taking about anti acne products, I still have to say: acne is a disease. When you are suffering from acne, give priority to the dermatology of regular hospitals. So, why do we need anti acne products :

  • Promote keratin metabolism and prevent acne caused by poor keratin metabolism.
  • Reduce oil secretion, thereby reducing the possibility of acne recurrence.
  • In theory, A alcohol and A aldehyde do have the effect of reducing acne. However, these two ingredients should not blindly pursue high concentrations, so as not to cause serious adverse reactions.

Here are some precautions and options for skin care: cleansing – moisturizing (oil control) – sunscreen


The oil skin cleaning work should be done very well. If the cleansing is not done well, it will probably make it difficult for you to get acne. The cleansing tool products that I don’t recommend on any occasion are worth trying and buying for non-sensitive oil skins. The use of utensils can help you to improve the cleansing efficiency, but excessive is prone to skin tingling and peeling problems.

Remember the following:

  • If you are not a sensitive muscle, the frequency can be 3 times a week or once every other day. Both morning and evening, it is recommended to use it at night.
  • If you are already using A acid, fruit acid, salicylic acid, A alcohol, A aldehyde skin care treatment or adjuvant treatment of acne, then the frequency of cleansing instrument should be reduced to 1-2 times a week. The specific situation is determined by the extent to which your skin is resistant to the above products.
  • Please give up your scrub-type exfoliating product while using the cleansing device, because of the repeats effect.

The selection of cleansing products:

The oily skin always feels that these gentle cleansings do not completely wash your face in the summer. Therefore, in order to ensure the mildness and to ensure the “cleaning ability according to their psychology”, I recommend some soap-based products with mild surfactants. This has a refreshing texture and sufficient cleansing power, and mild mildness.

For the cleansing frequency, the oil skin will be done once in the morning and evening. If you go to a place with a lot of dust during the day, you can add a cleansing face after leaving the environment. I want to emphasize again: skin care = the theory of eating. Eat what you want to eat, use the skin care products you want to use. Someone will ask: How do you judge whether skin care products are suitable? Just like a meal, a shop you have not eaten, how do you know that this store is delicious and not delicious? Because you knowing more about eat, regular things are not easy to make mistakes, such as lettuce salad. When you are familiar with the principles and ideas of skin care, the probability of making mistakes is much smaller.

二、Moisturizing or controlling oil

For oil skins that are free of peeling, tightness, and no sensitive problems, oil control is more important than moisturizing. On the contrary, the use of drugs such as A acid has caused problems of peeling and stinging. Then the moisturizing is greater than the oil control. The moisturizing effect of a ceramide-containing essence is enough for your summer needs.

How to control oil?

  1. It is impossible for any product to control the oil without restriction. It can prolong the time when the oil shines, even if it has oil control effect.
  2. Do not hope for cleansing products.
  3. Oil control is mainly from powder or polymer materials. Absorbs the oil secreted by the skin. However, oil control products are likely to be on the face and followed by subsequent products. Look at personal choices.For example: set makeup powder, such as some oil control makeup milk, such as some oil-absorbing sponges and so on.
  4. Oil-free products are very refreshing, but it does not mean that the oil will be reduced. Of course, I am very supportive of oil skins to choose oil-free products in the summer. Whether it is the benefit of acne skin or the texture of the product, I will give both hands in favor of your preference for oil-free or refreshing products.

What to say about moisturizing:

  • Your toner, essence, lotion, cream and even sunscreen contain moisturizing ingredients. Basically, most people don’t use only one product. For oil skin, the moisturizing ingredients contained in 1-2 products are enough for your needs.
  • For oil skin, when there is a problem of dryness, peeling, and tingling, the essence or lotion can try products with repairing ingredients, but one is better, and more estimates are too oily.

三、About sunscreen

The sunscreen of the oily skin will definitely fall into the question of whether it causes acne. But too bright sunscreen is likely to be waterproof and not good. Therefore, the sunscreen of oily pox skin follows the following methods. Anyway, I will recommend it to my friends in this way:

  • If you are only going out for a short time (30 minutes – 1 hour), choose a sunscreen with good texture and low presence.
  • If you need to go out shopping, you need to go to the beach to play, outdoor sports, then don’t consider whether you will get acne, summer waterproof sunscreen still needs to be used.
  • The sunscreen is too oily, and the next step is to control the loose powder of the oil, the sunscreen powder, and the oil control makeup before the milk is OK.
  • Check test report on a brand to make sure its products are suitable

Ausmetics is a reliable brand with well established and improved QA, QC departments and quality control mechanisms at all levels. Following the principle of safe, gentle and efficient, its skincare products reduce the excess ingredients in the raw materials. And its quality monitoring is implemented strictly, as well as control and management processes to ensure that the quality of each link is effectively controlled.

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