【Keep your black lighting hair】Goodbye to scalp oil, easy to lose hair, hair roots, dry hair

一、 The correct steps of washing hair and blowing hair

The scalp oil, easy to hair loss, hair dryer, this contradiction is almost a huge problem faced by more than 90% of the population.

There are two purposes for washing, namely washing your hair and washing your scalp. The focus of cleaning is on the scalp rather than the hair. The scalp sebaceous glands are very developed, causing scalp oil, having a head oily taste, hair roots collapsed, and oil is more likely to cause hair loss (the most feared by everyone)! Hair is dead keratin, no constant oil. It’s just some dust, so it doesn’t need to be cleaned. Thoroughly cleans the scalp’s dirt, while minimizing hair over-cleaning, is the key to getting a refreshing scalp, fluffy hair roots, and supple hair.

How to do it? Wash your scalp and hair separately. Wash your scalp thoroughly and massage, then wash your hair a little. As long as you can wash your scalp hair separately, you can completely solve the troubles of hair and oil.

二、My washing hair and blowing hair steps

I have been practicing this idea for a long time and the effect is very good.

  • Brush your hair before washing and clear your hair knot. Avoid more entanglement in wet hair, resulting in hair loss that should not occur
  • In the dry hair condition, first use the scalp special cleaning product to pre-wash the scalp. Do not wash the hair, it is to focus on washing the scalp. Pay attention to gently massage with your fingertips when washing. Never use your nails to scratch your head, which will seriously damage your scalp. The scalp pre-wash product is very important and easy to use, especially for people who have a scalp oil tail. In terms of products, I recommend oil products. The cleaning effect is the most thorough, the irritation is low, and the hair is not too entangled. I don’t recommend sea salt scalp products, although the oil removal effect is also very good. However, due to the nature of physical scrub, it has a strong exfoliating effect and is not suitable for sensitive scalp. At the same time, it can’t be used frequently. It is very easy to make the hair braided and knotted. The scalp special cleaning product is used 2 to 4 times per week, depending on the degree of greasy scalp.
  • After washing the scalp, wash your hair again. You can use a more moisturizing shampoo to focus on washing your hair. This method of washing the scalp and then washing the hair is definitely more than usual. The method of washing the head twice is very effective. If you only wash your head, the scalp is not clean enough, and the hair will be too dry after washing it twice. And shampoo products often do not perfectly match the scalp and hair, resulting in an unsatisfactory effect.
  • After washing, use conditioner to help smooth the scales, reduce physical damage, and repair hair damage to a certain extent. Note that the conditioner should not be applied to the scalp (unless the product indicates that it can be applied to the scalp). It should be applied from a distance of five centimeters from the scalp, and the hair ends should be strengthened. It is best to leave it in the hair for one to two minutes before washing.
  • Pay attention to the conditioner must be thoroughly rinsed. If the residual conditioner can cause itching of the scalp or the hairline and the back of the head.
  • After washing, wrap it with a towel that absorbs water and gently pat it to remove moisture. Note that it is a shot, not a mole. When the hair is wet, it is very fragile and easy to break, and the small scales are open, which is the most vulnerable time.
  • Apply hair care oil to your hair. It is recommended to apply the hair ends first. Apply the remaining hair oil to the hair and then apply it from the hair to the hair ends. Keep away from the hair roots. Always apply oil on wet or semi-dry hair to get the best results and it doesn’t look greasy.
  • Do not rush to comb the hair carefully when blowing your hair. Blow your head first, starting from the inside of the hair that is not easy to dry and the hair roots. Note: First, keep a certain distance between the hair dryer and the scalp hair. Do not stick it. The second is to change the place while blowing while swaying, so as to dissipate the heat of the hot air and reduce the heat damage. Do not blow the hair until it is fixed, and the hair is hot. Whether you blow your hair to make your hair supple or dry depends entirely on how you use it.
  • After blowing 80% of the inside of the hair root, you can carefully comb and blow your hair. The core must be blown from top to bottom, and it must be blown along the scales so that the hair can be shiny.
  • At the end of the blowing, the hair is completely dry. Finally, the cold air is blown out, and the final combing with the bristles comb allows the open scales to close and reveal a beautiful hair luster.

三、After reading it, I know you have to say: It’s too much trouble! Yes, beauty really needs to be exchanged for hard work.

Of course, what I am writing here is the most complete and perfect step of washing and blowing hair. You can simplify it according to your personal time, but you must grasp the following key points:

  • Combing before washing your hair
  • Even if you use the same shampoo, wash your scalp first, then wash your hair.
  • Hair conditioner must be applied, but please stay away from the scalp
  • Apply hair oil when the hair is half dry
  • Dry the hair first and then comb the shape
  • From top to bottom, from back to front, blowing hair along the scales

So how do we choose the shampoo and hair care products that are suitable for us? A professional manufacturer named Ausmetics mentioned in its article the reasons for hair products. Please Read on to know more.

Shampoo products (scalp products + shampoo) are refreshing, hair care products (hair conditioner + hair mask) moisturizing, hair oil is light and thin. Oily hair is a unified high cleansing power + low moisturizing degree, dry hair is a unified low cleansing power + high moisturizing degree. More than 90% of people do not have a uniform scalp hair condition (oily scalp oily hair, dry scalp dry hair such a small pair), most people are contradictory oily scalp + dry hair. Therefore, I recommend using a refreshing shampoo (a product that is designed for oily hair) to be deeply cleaned in place, and a moisturizing hair conditioner (a product that is designed for dry hair) is highly moisturized and supple.

If you still don’t know where to start your private label hair products, I would recommend that Ausmetics would be the right choice for their more than 20 years experience in ODM & OEM Hair Care, this has made them the best natural and organic hair care manufacturer.

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