【To be an exquisite women】What kind of clean mask is the best?

The problem of large pores and blackheads is a problem for many people, especially in the midsummer, which has become a problem for everyone. The problem of large pores and blackheads is most often found in the T-zone of the face. It is a natural focus, so it is imperative to improve the pores and blackheads.

What is the pore?

The pores are the holes in the skin. There is something under the bottom that will grow hair. It is a hairy pigment. Next to it is a small oil depot sebaceous gland that will oil. The epidermal cells in the hair follicle will secrete keratin. Then the oil and horny mixture will cover the pores.

Where is the blackhead acne?

If the sebum is over-exposed, and the keratosis is abnormal, sebum, keratin and foreign dirt will form acne together. The acne, which is covered by horny and has not been in contact with the outside, is called whitehead acne. Some of the whitehead acne is oxidized by contact with external oxygen, and the exposed part gradually becomes dark, which is called blackhead acne.

How is the large pores formed?

The principle of large pores is actually very simple. It can be summarized in the following two points:
● The pores are stretched out. The pores are one by one, and there are too many things inside to be stretched. If sebum is secreted too much, acne is not treated in time. The pores are filled and the pores naturally become larger.
● The pores become looser and larger: As the age increases, the subcutaneous tissue contains collagen and the like, and the skin becomes slack and dry. As a part of the skin, the pores naturally become looser and larger.
However, the large pores are still the main reason for the large pores. Most of the people with large pores that we see every day come from oily and mixed skin types. Therefore, inhibiting excessive secretion of oil, timely and effective cleaning of sebum secretions and excess keratin are the core points for improving pores and blackheads.

Take care for large pores

Inhibition of excessive sebum secretion:
Use suitable skin care products (avoid over-greasy closed products), reduce irritating diets (high sugar and high fat processed foods), stay up late, smoke, drink, and stress. If the hormonal imbalance (especially male high), requires medical treatment. The use of A-acid A alcohol products for topical skin care products also has a certain effect on reducing sebum secretion.

Timely and effective cleaning of sebum secretions and excess keratin:

  • The most important thing is to clean the work daily. Choose cleansing products with proper cleansing power according to skin type. Oily skin mixed skin should pay attention to the balance of mildness and cleanliness. Do not blindly pursue mildness, so that the face is not cleaned.
  • Maintain healthy keratin metabolism, moderate use of exfoliating products (fruit acid, salicylic acid, A acid A alcohol, carbonic acid, plant enzymes, etc.).
  • Weekly Care Use a cleansing mask for deep cleansing, which can be done once or twice a week depending on the cleansing strength of the mask and the type of skin. It works better with weekly care and exfoliating intensive care.

In fact, as long as you maintain a more normal life and clean with trilogy (daily cleaning, exfoliation, cleansing mask). The oily muscles can also completely achieve the degree of no blackheads every day. I am a typical mixed-type acne-prone skin, but under my own maintenance, I can do 365 days a year without blackheads.

Cleaning mask selection and recommendation

There are three criteria for a cleansing mask:

  • Cleanliness. The core function of the cleansing mask;
  • Anti-inflammatory effect, very important but neglected effect. The people who use the cleansing mask are mainly oily mixed skin, and most of them have inflammatory skin problems such as acne. A cleansing mask with anti-inflammatory and soothing ingredients is added, and the overall effect will be better;
  • Moderate: Mildness relates to the breadth and safety of the applicable population, and whether it will conflict with other products.

There is a certain conflict between the cleaning intensity and the mildness, so choose a more compromised choice. Based on safety and stability, if the single cleanliness is not strong enough, you can increase the frequency to adjust. It’s just the way I use it most year round.

I highly recommend the Ausmetics bubble mask

  • Deep Cleansing
  • Detoxing
  • Exfoliating

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