【Top After Sun Care】The secret you never imagined

When summer arrives, many people know to go out to apply sunscreen or umbrella. However, sometimes the lack of sunscreen products, without the use of hard sunscreen, can make the skin tan or even sunburn.

The skin after being sun-dried is very fragile. If it is not repaired in time and effectively after sunburn, the skin will not only be tanned, but also may leave sunburn and wrinkles. If you are eager to use whitening and anti-aging products for remediation after sunburn, It will cause more damage to sensitive skin.

Therefore, to do a good job after sunburn repair, it is necessary to give appropriate phased care according to the different states of the skin.

If it is only a short time exposure, there is a lot of sweat. There is no other discomfort, just need to properly hydrate.

If there is a hot phenomenon, damage has already occurred, but don’t worry, the damage is still in its infancy, at the moment.
It is important to do a physical cooling to prevent the expansion of the capillaries and cause further damage. 

The specific method is: soak your face in cold water of 20-25 degrees for about 5 seconds, or gently pat the face with cold water until it is no longer hot. The water is then blotted dry with a paper towel or cotton towel. Follow the appropriate moisturizing.

Note: Do not use ice at this time because it is too different from the skin temperature. It is easy to stimulate, but it expands the damage. The hydrating products should try to choose a simple and mild formula. The more common ingredients are spring water, tremella extract, sodium hyaluronate, seaweed extract.

Continued exposure, there may be redness and itching.

At this time, the most important thing is to leave the exposure environment immediately. After cooling in cool water, it should be calmed and soothed in time. If there is no serious peeling, foaming and other reactions, some antioxidant products can be used properly.

The calming and soothing ingredients are: aloe vera (but not fresh aloe vera), cucumber, tetrahydromethylpyrimidine carboxylic acid, licorice extract, purslane extract, chamomile and so on. Or the formula is relatively simple, there is a mask for repairing after sunburn.

Note: At this time, the barrier is very fragile. Do not scratch it with your hands, otherwise the bacteria will easily enter.

If the sunburn is severe, blisters appear and a lot of peeling occurs. At this time, the skin barrier is severely damaged and can be properly soothed. However, it is not advisable to choose products that are too permeable, such as essential oils and organic acids. Otherwise, the osmotic pressure is too strong and the tingling sensation is stronger. However, some base oils are very suitable. For example, the oils such as shea butter and horse oil can help the repair of the barrier. In addition, a strong inert grease such as petrolatum is also helpful.

avocado extract

Many manufacturers add mild extracts to the after-sun care products as a formula. Take Ausmetics as an example.Founded in 1998, Ausmetics is a manufacturing enterprise specializing in cosmetics OEM & ODM. With over 20 years of experience, it continuously provides high-quality skincare & body care products with organic, natural, free, sensitive, cosmeceutical collection, etc. It’s said that this oem cosmetic manufacturer focuses on plant extracts to their after sun care products.

Calendula moisturizing mask

The texture of the fresh gel is very watery and has a cooling effect immediately after applying the face.

In fact, the ingredients are more glycerin and aloe vera as a solvent. After washing, the skin will feel refreshed and the pores look delicate. Calendula is in the back, the main role is anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidation. There are also many other antioxidants in plants. They also add lemon peel oil, which has the effect of VC derivatives and is mainly resistant to oxidation.

Rose mask
Active ingredients include rose, sodium hyaluronate, tea extract and aloe vera. In addition to soothing and moisturizing, it also has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant effects. A small amount of yeast is added to promote the metabolism of the stratum corneum (may be seen continuously)

Aloe Vera Gel 

Soothing, Natural Healing

How It Works So Effectively For Sunburn And Skin Repair

You may have heard of the anesthetic – Lidocaine. Well did you know it is naturally present in Aloe Vera? That means it’s effective relief for pain and burning. And the unprocessed glycoproteins + polysaccharides repair damaged skin cells, while reducing inflammation.

After finishing reading this article, you may gain enough knowledge we provide. And if you are planning to purchase a private label cosmetic for after sun care, Ausmetics can be your first choice manufacture.

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