14th ASCS Conference & 3rd IPCE Conference

The Societies of Cosmetic Chemists Italy, China and Hong Kong with the endorsement of the Japanese and USA Societies will convene, at the heart of Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation to showcase the cutting-edge research from international scientists for the 3rd IPCE Conference held jointly with the 14th ASCS Conference.

Hong Kong Society of Cosmetic Chemists (HKSCC) is delighted to be the host of the 14th Asian Societies of Cosmetic Scientists (ASCS) and the 3rd IPCE Conferences in June 2019 in Hong Kong.

“Bridging the beauty intelligence of East and West”, theme of the Conference, highlight the ever greater flux of innovations born from cross disciplines and nations. As the first of its kind in Greater China, this conference promises to be a wonderful experience for all participants and stakeholders.

During the conference Ausmetics have many opportunities for networking and learning about technical and scientific innovation in Personal Care.

Scientific Conferences

Dr. Fred Zülli (Mibelle Group Biochemistry, Switzerland)

Plant stem cells and their application in cosmetic industry

Dr. Fred Zülli is the managing director of Mibelle Biochemistry Switzerland a business unit of Mibelle Group which develops and produces active ingredients for the personal care industry. He founded Mibelle Biochemistry more than 25 years ago and invented a large number of patent protected actives based on different technologies.

He previously worked at the Nestle Research Centre in Switzerland. His research focussed on molecular biology and genetics of commercial baker’s yeast strains.

Dr. Fred Zülli studied chemical engineering at the Technical Engineering School of Winterthur Switzerland and continued his studies at the ETH in Zürich to study molecular biology and biophysics. In his Ph.D. thesis at the ETH he investigated the thermostability of bacterial enzymes.

Currently he is active as Vice President in the Swiss Society of Cosmetic Chemists and was responsible for the scientific program of the IFSCC conference 2015 in Switzerland.

Dr. Elio Corrado Mignini (SICC general manager, Italy)

Sustainable Quality: the hidden part of the iceberg – Suggestions on how to develop, produce and measure the right quality of Personal Care products during value to all Stakeholders

Graduated in Chemistry at the University of Milan (Italy), his career spent in a Personal Care & Cosmetic Multinational Company, covering different managerial roles: European Director of Cosmetic Product, Packaging & Process Development and European Quality Manager. He is an expert in Total Quality Management, ISO Certification and EFQM system management.

Dr. Elio Corrado Mignini was the IFSCC Past President (1994/1995), SICC Immediate Past President and SICC Educational Officer. At present, he is the SICC (Italian Association of Cosmetic Chemistry) General Manager.

Dr. Elio Corrado Mignini is teaching on “Cosmetic Legislation” at the University of Milan and “Integrated Quality” at the Universities of Ferrara, Pavia and Camerino respectively. He is the author of different papers and presentations on Cosmetics, especially in the field of Cosmetic Evaluation (Safety, Efficacy and Sensory) and Quality.

Dr. Mariko Egawa (Shiseido Co., Ltd., Japan)


Novel Molecular 3D Imaging of The Intracellular Morphology of
Skin Sing Non-Linear Spectroscopy

Dr. Mariko Egawa is a senior researcher at Shiseido Co., Ltd. Japan. She has two Ph.D. degrees in information engineering and applied physics. To date, she has focused her research on the application of optics and spectroscopy techniques, including near-infrared spectroscopy, spontaneous Raman scattering microscopy, and coherent Raman scattering microscopy, for the evaluation of skin structure and conditions.

She is also working on mental stress evaluation by providing facial image evaluation. She has published more than 30 peer-reviewed papers in international journals on topics such as noninvasive optical skin analysis and non-optical skin function evaluation.

Dr. Tony O’Lenick (Siltech LLC, United States)


3D HLB – Beyond Predicting Emulsifier Properties

Tony is President and co-founder of a silicone specialty company called Siltech LLC in Lawrenceville, Ga. Prior to that, he held technical and executive positions at various surfactant and specialty chemicals companies including; Alkaril Chemicals Inc, Henkel Corporation and Mona Industries. He has been involved in the personal care industry for over 40 years, and the author of ten books.

Tony was a member of various Society of Cosmetic Chemist committees including the Committee on Scientific Affairs and the Continuing Education Committee. He served as National (U.S.) treasurer, and is the 2015 President of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists.

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