2018 China Beauty Expo (CBE) Shanghai New International Expo

22nd – 24th May 2018, the 23rd China Beauty Expo (CBE) was held at the Pudong Shanghai New International Expo Center.

This exhibition has 260,000 square meters of exhibition area, 17 major exhibition halls, over 50 small halls, 13,000 standard booths, more than 3,500 cosmetics companies and more than 10,000 domestic and foreign brands from 40 countries and regions around the world. The event and forum attracted over 500,000 professional visitors.

Ausmetics is an OEM/ODM company specializing in skin care and body care. This year is the third year of participation. Jacky Liu, chairman of the company, said that compared with the previous two years, the number of exhibitors has increased significantly this year. And the OEM/ODM enterprise business that came to the exhibition covered all the categories, but only the ausmetics family focused on the mother and child foundry.

At the beginning, Ausmetics’business mainly in washed, and it was officially turn into the maternal and child care market since 2005. Different from other categories, when consumers purchase pregnant and baby products, the mildness and safety of the products are their primary considerations.

In order to provide more assured products, Ausmetics has been exploring “natural safety” in recent years. As we all know, industrial preservatives, flavors and pigments in cosmetics are very likely to cause allergies, which has given birth to a large number of mild products with the main “no added”.

In fact, they are not really added without added. They still add additives, but the amount of ingredients such as essence, alcohol and mineral oil meets the national limit. However, Ausmetics believes that the real no-add should be “disabled”.

Based on this situation, Ausmetics cooperate with Australia MLHPHARMA company and after three years of research, we achieve a technical breakthrough in the anti-corrosion system of pregnant and baby products. The world’s first grass activator activator successfully replaced the traditional chemical antiseptic system with plant antiseptic system, which is truly natural and non-irritating, and has been patented by many authoritative organizations.

Every client who comes to the Ausmetics will have a cup of tea soaked in rose petals. In fact, this rose petal comes from the rose planting base of Ausmetics. Jacky Liu believes that that to achieve real security, raw materials at the source are critical.

In order to ensure that the factory has full control over raw materials, Ausmetics has changed from the original purchase of raw materials to the personal cultivation of raw materials. In April of this year, Ausmetics officially invested in the Queen’s Rose Manor in Zaoyang, Hubei Province, to supervise the whole process of raw material planting.

In the future, Ausmetics will always maintain a realistic attitude towards raw materials, and go deep into Changbai Mountain, Heyuan, Australia and other places to find more natural plant materials. When the raw materials are safe enough, the next consideration is how to use the raw materials into the product better. This is also the highlight of Ausmetics’ next step. At the same time, Ausmetics will put more energy into research and development to make our products natural and safety.

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