2019 Ausmetics Annual Meeting, Step by Step

On January 13, 2020, the annual meeting of Auusmetics with the theme of “integrating dreams and striving for transcendence” was successfully concluded, putting a perfect end to 2019. At this annual meeting, a large number of outstanding employees emerged, and received their own glory and rewards, which fully reflects the strong cohesion of the Ausmetics team!

In order to honor everyone’s hard work for the company this year, the company carefully prepared a feast. Everyone shared food at the table, the company leaders interacted with their employees, and the employees’ interpretations of their affection. Let the singing, applause, cheering waves linger on the venue, the climax of the whole party, showing the joy and harmony of the family of Ausmetics.

This is a shocking audio-visual feast, a journey of win-win cooperation! Looking forward to future, Ausmetics will work hard with all employees to fight side by side, and achieve leapfrog development in 2020!

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