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For a long time, ausmetics has been keen to support natural, gentle and safe products.

For the first 20 years, we have focused on the development of pregnant and baby products.

We are unique in our commitment to the development of anti-allergy products.

We are constantly resisting escalating consumer demand with innovation.

Ausmetics solves sensitive skin problems for women and solves skin problems for allergies.
Ausmetics and IFSCC research experts work together to create innovative and effective skin care solutions that focus on improving skin problems. In the field of anti-allergy, we develop skin care products with excellent effects for sensitive skin and allergies.

Ausmetics products use its unique plant anti-corrosion instead of the traditional chemical anti-corrosion system, and made breakthroughs in the field of no added anti-corrosion, and obtained the invention patent (patent number: 1732018), which promoted the in-depth study of anti-corrosion cosmetics. Combined with the anti-allergic products developed by the top technology, its structure and composition are similar to the skin and can naturally blend with the skin. Clinical evidence can strengthen and repair the skin’s natural water-blocking barrier, rebuild the anti-allergic water-locking function, and reduce the skin’s dry sensitivity.

In an environment where sensitive skin is plagued, ausmetics will continue to pursue solutions that provide the highest quality and efficient skin research to help you get rid of sensitive shackles.

Sensitive skin and “skin allergy” difference and association

The skin of sensitive skin is usually thinner and the underlying skin is not adequately protected. Once the oil layer on the skin surface and the natural moisturizing film are too thin, the nerve fiber pair will be
There is an allergic reaction in the surrounding environment and in the body.

Single-use anti-allergy serum

  • Soothing
  • moisturizing
  • repairing barrier
  • itching inhibits skin edema and redness

90#Allergy Prevent Cream:Improves low resistance, repairs skin barriers, and deepens moisture

92#Sensitive Skin Sooth Repairing Cream:Inhibits skin irritation and repairs the cell membrane of the muscle base.

95#Sensitive Skin Sooth Repairing Cream:Quick and itching, anti-inflammatory and relieve redness and swelling.

Sensitive Skin Sooth And Moisture Spray

Soothing, moisturizing, repairing barrier, itching inhibits skin edema and redness

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