What is large pores of your face ?

一、what is the pores?

  Large pores are a common form of facial skin that makes many people extremely depressed and have headaches. Large pores refer to the expansion of the opening of the skin surface of the sweat glands and sebaceous glands on the surface of the skin, which is manifested by the uneven surface of the skin visible to the naked eye.

  Because in the strict sense, the pores are not considered a pathological condition of the skin. But in cosmetology, it is indeed a problem that many patients are very concerned about.

二、which people will have large pores?

  Large pores appear in people of any age and race. The coarse pores are more obvious with age. There is controversy about the fact that men and women are more likely to have enlarged pores, and most studies tend to make men more prone to enlarged pores. In the female group, the pore size changes with the menstrual cycle, and the ovulation period is when the pores are the thickest.

三、What factors can cause large pores?

  • Increased synthesis and secretion of sebaceous glands (oily skin)
  • The hair follicle is bulky
  • The skin elasticity of the follow-up age increases, especially the elastic tissue around the pores degenerates and degrades.
  • Sun damage
  • Sex hormone levels (such as menstrual changes, pregnancy and menopause changes in the level of sex hormones, will lead to enlarged pores)
  • Improper use of skin care makeup products that are easy to induce acne, not enough cleaning

In addition, hemorrhoids are closely related to the large pores.

  1. Sometimes the acne (blackhead) is removed and the enlarged pores are visible.
  2. Recurrent acne can increase the pores.
  3. Inflammatory acne can also induce enlarged pores because it can reduce sebaceous glands and shrink hair follicle openings, making them more susceptible to blockage and resulting in enlarged pores.

四、How to prevent large pores?

  • Avoid skin creams that can induce blackheads or acne during the day.
  • Cleanse your face once in the morning and evening, but don’t over-clean. The oil, dirt, and bacteria accumulated in the pores can induce local inflammation, and the substances that expand the pores are removed in time. Especially for girls who like makeup, cleaning after makeup is especially important.
  • Strengthen sun protection, especially in summer. Don’t worry about using sunscreen and don’t be too embarrassed to play a sun umbrella.
  • Lose weight (generally believed to reduce sebum secretion).

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