4 Trivia in skin care, do you know that?
  • Better application of body lotion when you are wet

Most people are used to drying their body after bathing and then applying body lotion, but what you don’t know is that this can affect the skin care effect of body lotion. The correct way is to apply body lotion to the body within three minutes after the bath. Within 3 minutes after the bath, the moisture on the surface of the body has not completely evaporated. The oil in the body milk can seal these moisture on the surface of the skin, which is a moisturizing effect.

  • The mask is also divided into front and back

When you apply the mask, you will find that many masks will have pearlescent plastic tablets. In fact, these masks have the difference between front and back. If the mask is applied, it will not achieve the skin care effect. The soft skin may be pearlescent plastic film. Give a scratch.

Which side is positive?

It is no side of the pearl plastic sheet. Generally, when applying this mask, the front should be attached to the face, and the mask should be peeled off after the face is completely flattened.

  • Brush mascara easy to lift the head

When you brush your eyelashes, you can’t help but raise your eyebrows. This affects the skin of the forehead, and it is easy to form a head-up pattern in the long run.

What should we do? .

Just open your mouth when you brush your eyelashes. When you brush your eyelashes, look at the bottom of the eye. When you brush your eyelashes, look at the top of the eyelashes. Perfect !

  • Make up after bath an hour

I am used to makeup immediately after bathing, in order to get out of the bathroom with a refreshing feeling. However, such a habit seriously affects your skin’s health.

After bathing, the pores of the body are all open, and immediately makeup makes it easy for cosmetics to invade the pores, which is very detrimental to skin health. Therefore, it is recommended that you make up after 1 hour after bathing.

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