What is the function of facial spray?

Composition of facial spray

Facial spray is a single type of hydrating product. It is packaged in a pump bottle with a spray head for easy spraying. The canned spray liquid in the bottle consists of water and water-soluble skin care ingredients.

Depending on the source of the water, some use pure water, some use natural mineral water or plants to extract juice. The mineral water contains many natural mineral elements such as calcium, magnesium, barium, selenium and zinc. The added water-soluble skin care ingredients usually have glycerin, vitamin B5, and various plant extracts (such as grapes, green tea, etc.).

In general, the spray is simple and refreshing, so it is suitable for all skin types.

The function of facial spray

The basic function of facial spray is to replenish moisture, which has an immediate effect on dry, water-deficient skin. At the same time, the various mineral elements contained in the water may play a role in skin care from different sides. For example, calcium has a sedative effect, strontium and zinc can fight inflammation and alleviate allergic symptoms, and selenium may help anti-aging.

Other water-soluble skin care ingredients added to facial sprays may have no effect depending on the type, for example:

  • Vitamin B5 (also known as Ubiquinol), has a good moisturizing effect, but also has a soothing effect
  • Grape extract has antioxidant and soothing effects
  • Green tea extract is a strong antioxidant and has a good astringent effect on oily skin.

Advantages and disadvantages of facial spray

The advantage of facial spray is that it can quickly replenish water – because its main ingredient is water, so for many dry skin people, the appearance of facial spray is like “timely rain”.

Facial sprays are less likely to cause irritation to a variety of skin conditions that are sensitive to sensitive skin and barriers due to their relatively simple composition. It is also very popular because it can achieve mild care. At the same time, the inadequacy of facial spray is also simple.

  • First, some oil-soluble active ingredients cannot be added unless certain special preparations are used. As we know, skin care requires both water and oil. Oil-soluble active ingredients has an important moisturizing function. Lack of oil-soluble active ingredients, only water-soluble moisturizing ingredients are not enough to maintain moisture for a long time.
  • Secondly, the amount of the water-soluble component added to the spray is also limited. This is because many water-soluble moisturizing ingredients such as sodium hyaluronate are relatively viscous and the amount added cannot be too high. Otherwise, the viscosity of the spray is too high to be atomized properly, and the limitation of the moisturizing component of the spray is limited.

How to use facial spray correctly

  • 01 Do not use facial spray alone

After hydrating with a facial spray, you can use a skin care product with high oil content such as lotion and cream to help lock in moisture.

  • 02 The frequency of using facial spray should be appropriate

“Facial spray hydrating effect is good, we need to spray all day long” is the feeling of many people. In fact, excessive use of facial spray may also have a negative effect on the skin. This is because the stratum corneum of the skin is the most important barrier. If the water content of the stratum corneum is too high for a long time, the stratum corneum can be made soft and unstable. Therefore, the moisturizing function of the skin itself will decrease.

The solution to this problem is to use 3-5 facial sprays per day. The amount of each time does not have to be too much, and cream or lotion should be used to maintain the moistness of the skin.

  • 03 To solve the nature of skin dryness problem

If you use moisturizing, repairing skin care products can not solve the dry feeling of the skin, you should go to the hospital in time. Use a facial spray to get skin care, but not enough to cure.

Common Questions

Q: The water drops on the face should be wiped off with a paper towel after spraying, otherwise it will take away the moisture of the skin itself when it evaporates?
A: The amount of heat required to evaporate a certain amount of water is constant, so it is impossible for the spray to provide more heat out of the air to allow more water to evaporate. In other words, even if you don’t wipe your face, you can’t take the water inside the skin away.

Q: Why is the skin tightened after it is naturally dried?
A: This may be caused by the formation of a tight film on the surface of the skin after the water has evaporated.

Q: Most of the ingredients in the facial spray are “water”. If we fill the spray bottle with the same hydration effect?
A: There will be hydration effect, but it is also likely to have other effects besides hydrating. Especially pure water, as a hypotonic solution, should not be used for damaged skin. The facial spray depends on the ingredients. In general, facial spray products designed for different skins are more recommended. 

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