6 Major misunderstandings of putting on a facial sheet mask

 Misunderstanding 1: Put on a facial sheet mask everyday

  Easy to cause dermatitis, make the skin sensitive

√ Correct methods : 

Moisturizing mask: putting on once every 2~3 days
Cleansing mask: 1~2 times a week

 Misunderstanding 2: Put on a facial sheet mask as long as possible

•  Will reverse the skin’s moisture, or cause excessive hydration to cause a closed mouth

√ Correct methods : 

The best time to put on sheet mask is 15~20 minutes

 Misunderstanding 3: Sleep directly after putting on sheet mask

•  Residues do not absorb and cause clogging of pores. After putting on sheet mask, it is the best time for the skin to absorb nutrients and moisture. 

√ Correct methods : 

Use lotion and face cream in time.

 Misunderstanding 4: Irregular putting on sheet mask

√ Correct methods : 

23:30~3:00 is the period of skin self-repair, so it is best to putting on sheet mask before going to bed at 11pm or when getting up in the morning.

 Misunderstanding 5: Putting on sheet mask while taking a shower

•  Vapor will make the mask disobedient

√ Correct methods : 

Putting on sheet mask after the shower. At this time, the pores are opened and the absorption effect is best.

 Misunderstanding 5: Heat the sheet mask with hot water

•  A high temperature will destroy the composition of the mask

√ Correct methods : 

Putting on a hot towel to the face before sheet mask to help open the pores. After that putting on a cold mask to achieve the effect of shrinking pores.

 Misunderstanding 6: Leaning on the bed to put on sheet mask

•  The mask has gravity, which will pull the skin for a long time and cause muscle relaxation and sagging.

√ Correct methods : 

Lying to put on sheet mask(Tips:hold your phone steady)

Putting on sheet mask correctly can make your skin more moisturized and absorb more nutrients.

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