Amino acid shower gel formula design tips

The formula structure of amino acid shower gel can be divided into the following parts:

  • 1. Amino acid surfactant (Foaming, cleaning effect)
  • 2. Moisturizer (Make your hair soft and smooth)
  • 3. Thickener (Making the product easy to use)
  • 4. Functional additives (Make product efficacy)
  • 5. Fragrance preservative pigment (Protecting the product and providing pleasure)

Amino Acid Surfactant is a mild and degradable anionic surfactant featuring comfort, no irritation, mildness, greenness and naturalness.

Advantages: Weakly acidic, PH value is close to human skin, and amino acid is the basic substance that constitutes protein, so gentle skin-friendly, sensitive skin can also be used with clean products.

Amino acid shower gel solves three major problems caused by water shortage:

1. Dry skin is prone to peeling. Amino acid shower gel uses amino acid surfactant and moisturizer formula to provide nutrient replenishment. Ultra-fine moisturizing factor penetrates the skin base layer to lock in moisture and keep skin moisturized.

2. Resolve skin tension. After taking a bath, I can’t wait to apply the lotion immediately to relieve the skin tension. Normal skin has a thin layer of natural lipids and fatty substances that are moisturizing and leave the skin soft and elastic. But the use of degreased shower gel or the use of overheated water is the main cause of rough skin tension.

Amino acid shower gel’s moderate degreasing power and excellent foam properties make the cleaning dry and not tight. Amino acid is the basic substance that constitutes protein. It is mild and skin-friendly, and lasting moisturizing, it seems to give the skin a protective film.

3. Avoid allergic symptoms of itch-sensitive muscles. Because of dry skin, it is easy to feel itching symptoms, especially sensitive muscles. When you are intolerable, you can’t help but grab your hands. It is easy to leave scratches and even bacteria, making your skin more sensitive.

Amino acid shower gel is weakly acidic. PH value is close to human skin, suitable for fragile and sensitive skin. After gently cleaning away some dirt, use amino acid moisturizer to lock skin moisture, adjust skin to water and oil balance, and moisturize skin.

Amino acid surfactants have a very good effect on the skin. However, its foaming performance is weak and the foam is not rich. In order to avoid this defect, we have selected other surfactants in the product formulation design, which not only retains the advantages of amino acids, but also provides consumers with rich foam and comfortable experience. From these aspects, we can see that the formulation of this amino acid shower gel fully considers the customer’s sense of use and makes customers fall in love with bathing.

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