First launched at the CBE ShangHai, Ausmetics anti-allergy product instant hit!

At this year’s CBE show, Ausmetics attracted a large crowd of people on the site of anti-allergy. It is not difficult to see that the demand related to sensitive muscles is not decreasing this year.

The sensitive muscle population is growing rapidly and the sensitive muscle market is getting hotter. According to a survey of consumer surveys around the world, 52% of consumers think they are sensitive muscles. According to statistics, one in three people in China considers themselves to be sensitive skin. And from 2014 to now, the Chinese sensitive muscle population has been growing at a high speed.

As the sensitive muscle population continues to expand, the market segment of sensitive skin care is also gradually growing rapidly. Ausmetics focuses on the concept of anti-allergy, and is also popular among customers at the show.
It is worth mentioning that at this year’s International Medical Beauty Skin Science Forum. Ms. Wang, the director of the Institute of Photomedicine, Tongji University School of Medicine, and other experts also brought about the sharing of sensitive skin, which undoubtedly confirmed the heat of the sensitive muscle market.

Current research shows that the pathogenic mechanism of sensitive muscles is mainly divided into damaged skin stratum corneum barrier. The skin’s inflammatory response and nerve hypersensitivity are three aspects, and Ausmetics’ anti-allergy product repair method is also based on these three aspects.
Good products will eventually be verified by the market, and I believe that Ausmetics anti-allergy products will emerge in the market.

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