Ausmetics Cooperate with Louis Koo, A shower gel make you be yourself easily

It is reported that Louis Koo, the founder of KooCool Brand, recently held the first brand conference in KooCool in Shanghai. Many authoritative media and well-known experts at home and abroad, including Weiya, the global good product recommendation officer, Wang Wanbao, the CEO of Merlot Group, a listed company in the United Kingdom, and Tmall Personal Care, were invited.

At the brand conference, Louis Koo and Taobao’s popular anchor Wei Ya worked together to launch a shower gel. And on the live broadcast platform after the press conference, Louis Koo and Wei Ya joined forces to finally create a live broadcast sales of 200,000+ pieces, which really surprised many people.

As stated in the brand declaration, “Be easy to be yourself”. In addition to selecting natural and safe raw materials, natural R & D and production technology are also inseparable. Ausmetics is the strong support behind KooCool +.

It is reported that Ausmetics was established in 1998. It is an Australian high-tech certified company, registered in the US FDA, and complies with the US Cosmetics Standard GMP and EU Standard ISO22716 Good Manufacturing Practice Certification. Ausmetics has always been pioneering and innovative in the field of natural and safe skin care. Committed to the development of skin care for pregnant and infants and the development of products for pregnant and infants and children, they have successively won the honors of “A-level Honest Enterprise”, “Top 100 Enterprises”, “Service Decade Award” and “Pregnancy and Childhood Excellence 20 Years Award”. In the field of adult skin care, based on the foundation of natural, safe and non-sensitivity, it solves the skin problems that the society pays attention to today. In particular, it has unique advantages in pregnant and infant-grade anti-allergy products, so it is trusted by the industry.
This cooperation, on the one hand, reflects the coincidence of the ideas of Ausimi and KooCool +. On the other hand, benefiting from the trust of all walks of life, it also proved to the industry the strength of Ausmetics in the field of washing and production. Therefore, Ausmetics will live up to the expectations of contributing more good products to society.

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