Ausmetics focusing on the development of natural and safety products for 20 years

  On January 10th, ausmetics held the 20th Anniversary Celebration with the theme of “Twenty years of riding the wind and breaking the waves, walking hand in hand with you ” at the Picasso Ballroom in Zengcheng Phoenix, Guangzhou. Partners from all over the country went to the scene to witness the growth of the company’s growth over the past 20 years and look forward to the future possibilities of Australia.

  Just as the Guangzhou Huangpu District Food and Drug Administration gave a letter to Ausmetics. After a twentieth anniversary, Ausmetics has achieved remarkable results in the industry with the spirit of craftsmanship. Such as the Excellence in Twenty Years of China’s Pregnancy and Baby Industry Award, the Top 100 Enterprises in China’s Cosmetic Supply Chain, the Australian Consulate in China, the Wanning’s own brand innovation awards, and the SC Johnson Quality Excellence Award. Ausmetics has become the manufacturing leader in domestic maternal and child care.

“Over the past two decades, Ausmetics has made a small leap. According to statistics, Ausmetics manufactured more than 300 million products, and more than 100 million people worldwide used Ausmetics’s products in 2008-2018.” Ausmetics chairman Jacky Liu said modestly.

  Ausmetics was formally established in 1998 by Australian shareholders and approved by China’s foreign investment approval certificate. With the development of global economic integration, Ausmetics began to research maternal and child products with mild and safety formula in 2005. And reached the EU anti-corrosion standards, product is more safety than the national standard in 2010.

  In order to make the product truly skin-friendly, Ausmetics and Australia MLHPHARMA company developed a fruit acid activin after three years of research. The successful use of plant antiseptic system has replaced the traditional chemical antiseptic system, truly natural and non-irritating. The realization of this technology is a major breakthrough in the anti-corrosion system of pregnant and baby products.

  Ausmetics’s dedication to product quality has been well received by partners. And it has attracted more and more brands to achieve strategic partnerships, such as Lelch, Springbuds, Qinrun, Kangaroo mommy, DEERTING, Care Daily.

  “In the future, Ausmetics will solve the skin problems of today’s society on the basis of natural, safe and non-sensitive,” said Jacky Liu.

  To this end, Ausmetics joined IFSCC (International Federation of Cosmetic Chemists’ Associations) in 2018. IFSCC is a non-profit-making non-profit organization. The main committee members are composed of technical directors such as Chanel, L’Oreal and Shiseido, focusing on the research of global cosmetics science and technology.

  In 2017, Ausmetics began to research natural and safe products. Ausmetics pursued scientific and non-sensitive skin-friendly formulas from different countries and regions such as Asia, Europe and Australia. It has successively entered into strategic partnerships with Queens Rose Manor in Hubei Zaoyang, Hunan Camellia Seed Garden, FairKing Botanical Garden, and Australian Olive Garden to ensure zero pollution from the planting, picking and production.

  In addition to raw materials, ultra-high production technology paves the way for the successful development of Ausmetics. Ausmetics has introduced a number of high-quality, sophisticated production equipment and testing equipment from France, the United States, Australia and other mature countries in the cosmetics industry. The workshop production line has been equipped into a sophisticated scientific and standardized production line, and has successively obtained the “US FDA agency ( US Food and Drug Administration’s Cosmetics GMP Certification (ie GMPC Certification) and “EU Cosmetics ISO22716 Quality Management System Standard Certification”. At the same time, the SOP internal management system was introduced to strengthen the stability, efficiency and standardization of internal management. This has prompted Ausmetics to become a benchmark for quality management standards in the industry.

  After 20 years of development, Ausmetics has apparently grown from a small sapling to a towering tree. Looking forward to the future, Ausmetics will continue to move forward to produce products that consumers can trust.

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