Ausmetics publishes employee handbook and explains the “Guangdong Cosmetics Safety Regulations” for employees

On June 27, 2019, in order to strengthen employees’ understanding of the Ausmetics and cosmetics industry, Ausmetics held a new edition of the “Employee Handbook” conference and interpreted the latest edition of the “Guangdong Cosmetics Safety Regulations”.

At the meeting, Ausmetics Chairman Jacky, Liu explained the meaning of the employee handbook for the Ausmetics family and issued a manual to the employee representative.

1. The employee handbook is the enrichment of corporate rules and regulations, corporate culture and corporate strategy, and is the “law and regulation” within the enterprise.
2. The employee handbook is the most direct carrier for employees, especially new employees, to understand the company’s system, status and culture.
3. The employee handbook not only indicates the company’s institutional culture, but also informs the employee’s code of conduct. It is the best textbook for employee training and education, and is the corporate culture media.
4. The release of the employee handbook is an important measure for the company’s process improvement activities.

As the company grows, Ausmetic is also taking the first step in the next 20 years. The Chief Operating Officer, Xiao Dekai, explains the company’s future development plan for the Ausmetics family. In the future, Ausmetics will invest 20 million yuan to build fully automated production.

  • First, mechanical manufacturing automation technology can greatly improve production efficiency, shorten product production cycle, and provide time guarantee for products to seize the market.
  • Second, the mechanical manufacturing automation technology can ensure the product quality standards and specifications are unified, in line with the modern social standard production mode, and has a good development prospects.
  • Third, mechanical manufacturing automation technology can improve production efficiency and reduce labor consumption and use, thereby helping enterprises reduce production costs and improve the economic efficiency of enterprises.
  • Fourth, the mechanical manufacturing automation technology adopts standardized production, which can reduce and reduce the consumption of raw materials caused by human uncertainty factors in the production process, reduce the generation of waste, and is conducive to the realization of the national energy conservation and emission reduction targets.

Finally, Xiao Jiping, manager of the Ausmetics quality inspection department, interpreted the Guangdong Cosmetics Safety Regulations for the Ausmetics family. Understand the development of the cosmetics regulatory situation and how to protect the rights of cosmetics consumers.

  • Clarify the concept of social supervision of risk management in cosmetics supervision
  • Clarify the department’s supervisory duties with the cosmetics supervision and management department as the main department and the related departments.
  • Determine the main responsibility of the cosmetics production and business operators.
  • Refine the subject and rights and obligations of social co-governance.

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