Ausmetics ultimate brightening countermeasure

People who love beauty have the same qualities – the place with sunshine is the warning zone. But only the ultraviolet light is harmful to the skin? Can you have a bright and translucent white skin with sun protection? Immediately explore all skin light sources and find out the whitening countermeasures with Ausmetics.

Beware of blue light, indoors are also in danger

Don’t think only it will hurt your skin under sunshine! In fact, the screens of mobile phones, computers, televisions and other electronic products in daily life emit blue light and cause skin damage as much as ultraviolet light. Especially for urban people who use mobile phones and computers for a long time, even if they stay indoors without under the sunshine, the skin still needs to face serious aging threats!

Sunlight, blue light is a light source that feels nothing, but the damage caused by its light waves is unexpectedly terrible! Not only can it penetrate the skin, destroy the epidermal tissue, cause problems such as pigmentation, UVA and blue light of ultraviolet light can penetrate deep into the dermis layer and destroy the collagen which helps the skin to maintain youthfulness, thus accelerating aging.

Ausmetics whitening body spray

In order to avoid any light damage, the sun protection index should not only reach SPF50+, PA++++, but also effectively counter the blue light damage of electronic products. Coupled with physical sun protection, the skin is completely protected!

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