Ausmetics was invited by Alibaba to share how to serve customers

April 24, 2019, there is a communicate meeting about How to serve your customers better holding in Alibaba Guangzhou Branch.

My responsibility is to work with clients to find answers, help them build process-solving processes and ensure rigorous standards, train and transfer skills to members of the client’s project team, and provide all the necessary skills and support to provide external perspectives and The experience that is commonly used, while adapting it to the specific needs of the client, guarantees a fact-based, results-driven approach. Rather than telling the customer the answer, it is not the manager who replaces the customer to solve the problem. It is not asking the customer work team to create a miracle. It will not ignore the customer’s professional knowledge and experience, and will not adopt a theoretical, research-driven work method!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   ——McKinsey

Ausmetics has been continuously exploring and optimizing our services to ensure that our customers’ processes are satisfactory and results are satisfactory. It can be said that there is no best in this way of service, only better.

  • Never feel slack when you feel is fine.

The worst things happen often at the best of times. In a certain period of time, the customer’s evaluation is very good, and then, it is also the high incidence of some problems, we can not relax, whether it is consciousness or process.

  • Planning and processes are the key of a company

What is a plan? Predict the future, sort out the key nodes, and provide early warning to the nodes that are prone to problems, so as to control the rhythm and target it. What is a process? The process is a set of methods for us to collectively export collective intelligence to the nodes that are prone to quality problems for more than a decade.

Good service also needs to make the customer feel the smooth process of problem solving. For example, after the customer feedbacks the product information to the enterprise from the mail, he calls the company to follow up the problem solving progress, and the enterprise can quickly identify and give a satisfactory response, instead of ignoring the customer. This is especially important in the multi-channel consumer market.

  • Sincerely communicate with customers, eager to help customers, and a tolerant attitude to impress customers, only then can we retain customers.

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