Ausmetics was invited to visit the Fancl factory

Ausmetics was invited to visit the Fancl Yokohama Research Institute and the Chiba Factory for study tours. Do you want to know what does Fancl factory look like? Come with us~

● Cosmetics products development:

Adujusts prescription design to prototypes of the skincare materals, washing materials, make ups for FANCL and Attenir.

[Product developmental laboratory]

Development laboratory for make ups. Designing, trial production and actual products depending on different categories(skincare, washing, make up)

[Product assessment]

Quality assessment such as tests for microbes and stability tests are carried.

[Container development experiment]

Build container models using the 3D printer tocheck the images and produce user-friendly containers.

● Health food product development

Supplements, germinated brown rice, Aojiru, trial products and evaluations are done.

● Analysis laboratory

Microanalysis is done by instrumental analysis as product evaluation.

● Library

Related Books and journals are stored all the researchers.

[Instrumental analysis]

Different types of analysis instruments are used depending on the test components. Minor components of the make ups and supplements are tested here.

[Trial product: food]

Food that contains germinated brown rice, and Aojiru(e.g. rice porriage), and other drinks are made here.

[Trial product: supplements]

Manufacture supplemants. Stability and disintegration evaluation is carried out.

● Moleclar biology, cell culturing, P1/P2 Laboratory

Evaluate and create new functional material by using cultured cells.

● Bioimaging Laboratory

Obtain the vislalized data of changes in cell, cell tissues and skin model structures by using special microscope.

[Gene · Protein analysis]

Analyze skin and body tissue models, and other genes and protein contained in the cell to msure the functinality of the matter.

[Obtaining visulized data]

Machine that visualizes that changes of the shape of the cells when testing the skin models, intestine and brain tissues.

● Biomarker Laboratory

Analyze protein contained in the horny cell layer to predict and find out the future risks on the skin.

● Dematology, histological stain Laboratory

Experiments using skin structure models and iPS cell are carried out. One of the most advanced methods used in anti-aging research.

● Innovation, Brain Science Laboratory

electroencephalograph and near infrared-spectroscpy methods are used to carry out researches on how the brain functions.

[horny cell layer biomarker]

Evaluation of the skin condition is carried out using our unique technology “horny cell layer biomarker”.

[Denmatology Research]

Studies on superiotrity of the additive free cosmetics and investigations on aging mechanisms of skin are carried out.

 [Brain Science Research]

We can visualize how the brain is affected by using optical topography devices.

● Formulation technology Laboratory

Evaluation of sorbability and substantivity

● Functional materials Laboratory

Efficiency of the supplement sorbability is evaluated. We are also looking for new functional substances from natural sources.

[Formulation technology Research]

Research on formulation technology are carried out to improve the sorbability and substantivity.

[sorbability and substantivity evaluation research]

Searching for new functional substances from natural extracts.

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