Basic skin care knowledge

The three most important factors in skin care.


Sun protection



The skin will secrete oil every day. If it is not cleaned regularly, the oil will be more and more. It is easily blocked by dead skin or dirt and cannot be discharged, which leads to the outbreak of acne.

1. The role of cleaning:
(1) Remove grease, bacteria, dust, and dead skin from your face. Reduce pore blockage and allow the pores to breathe freely.
(2) After removing the skin surface waste, it will facilitate the absorption of the subsequent skin care products.

2. Ways and precautions for cleaning:
(1) Wash your face in the morning and evening
Wash your face in the morning and evening, wash your face with warm, flowing water.
(2) Facial cleanser must be foamed before it is on the face
Never apply facial cleanser directly to your face!!!!!
These foams must be used to cleanse the skin after the palms are covered with “sufficiently rich” foam.

1. The cleaning power of cleaning products mainly comes from foam.

2. If the facial cleanser is applied directly to the face, it is more difficult to wash with clean water, which may cause the facial cleanser to remain on the face and block the pores.

Sun protection

1. How to do

Sunglasses, sun hats, umbrellas, sun protection clothing, etc. They are all simple sun protection methods. However, the easiest and most effective sunscreen!!

2. How to use sunscreen:

(1) Apply 20 minutes before going out

(2) the amount should not be too small

In general, each time you want to squeeze out the size of a dollar coin! A thin coating is useless!

(3) At night, you need to remove the sunscreen

Strictly speaking, sunscreen needs to remove, but if you don’t want to use makeup remover, I suggest using facial cleanser with makeup remover at night.

3. Suggestions for sunscreen selection:

(1) Choose a refreshing sunscreen
A lot of sunscreens are more greasy, and you definitely don’t want to apply them once. Choose a refreshing one, you can accept and stick to it.

(2) Choose a mild and safe sunscreen
Sunscreen is applied every day. If the ingredients are not safe and gentle, it will be irritating to the skin. If it accumulates over the years, it will cause damage to the skin.


The role of moisturizing: maintain the normal water content of the cuticle of the epidermis.

The stratum corneum of the skin is like a sponge. When the sponge is filled with water, the softness and plasticity increase. But once the sponge is dried, it will become hard and rough.

So if the skin is short of water:

(1) The skin will become rough, dry and tight, dull and dull.

(2) The skin keratinocytes cannot be normally metabolized, which may easily lead to keratin thickening and peeling and debris.

(3) Dry fine lines appear on the eyes and cheeks.

(4) Severe cases can cause dermatitis and cause itching, pain and burning discomfort.


The role of moisturizing is to hydrate, do not feel that you are oily skin can not pay attention to moisturizing! If you don’t do moisturizing and don’t maintain the balance of water and oil on your skin, your skin will get worse and worse!

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