Can I use facial cleanser for acne face?

Absolutely! Otherwise, how do you remove grease from your face? ? Oil is one of the important reasons for acne!

So, First figure out why we have acne!

In fact, the reason for the acne is clear: the corner plugs block the skin oil in the hair follicles!

Due to abnormal keratinization of the sebaceous glands of the hair follicles, the viscosity of the cells at the mouth of the catheter increased, resulting in the formation of a corner plug. The duct space becomes narrow or completely blocked, causing the sebum secreted by the sebaceous glands to fail to form acne.

This is the normal skin condition. The sebaceous glands secrete sebum to nourish the skin ↓↓

The skin condition after acne is like this. Because the cutaneous duct is abnormal, a corner plug is formed. Sebum cannot be eliminated from the catheter in time, so acne is formed. ↓↓ 

So what’s the point of anti acne?

Degreasing, Oil control, Cleaning

These are not cleansing with water. Therefore you need to use a facial cleanser. Some acne are sensitive acne, and even have inflammation. Using a facial cleanser that is too clean can be irritating, it might be stimulate secondary acne inflammation.

What kind of facial cleanser should I use for acne face?

First, it has a cleansing power while being mild and non-irritating. Most recommended amino acid cleanser, different from soap-based cleansing. Because of its weak acidity, amino acids are close to human skin. So sensitive skin and acne muscle can also be used with confidence.

Second, it is best to have anti-acne and anti-inflammatory ingredients. Some people say that the effect is limited but better than nothing. It can slightly improve the acne situation.

The following recommended Ausmetics amino acid facial cleanser is suitable for sensitive and acne muscles.

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