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Ausmetics’s products feature “natural and safe”. Our natural cosmetic laboratories selects ingredients extracted from plants, herbs and natural oils. Our products are also made with years of professional formulation technology. In addition, Ausmetics is committed to developing safe, effective, and globally reliable products and the production of each product must meet or exceed internationally recognized regulatory standards. For example:

  1. In terms of raw material selection, every raw material supplier must meet technical standards, and the raw materials produced must meet strict standards for stability, safety and effectiveness.
  2. We use alternative methods to conduct sensitivity tests to avoid tests on animals. We conduct clinical trials through the Human Repeated Injury Patch Test (HRIPT). (HRIPT is a commonly used method to test product safety in order to detect the possibility of allergic reactions or irritation.)
  3. We also invite clinical experts to ensure the safety and effectiveness of all ingredients.

Cosmetic Manufacturing Labs Team

cosmetic laboratories - phillip

Dr. Phillip Cronk

CEO of Terrapharma Australia

Graduated and obtained his PhD degree from the University of New South Wales, Australia

Lead the development of Johnson & Johnson’s baby and personal care products, Skin Doctor series, Clarins sunscreen, Galderma Cetaphil products, and ULTRACEUTICALS’ full range of cosmeceutical products

He is the chief formula expert of Ausmetics

cosmetic laboratories - jadir

Dr. Jadir Nunes

Chief Technology Officer of Ausmetics

Faculdade de Tecnologia Oswaldo Cruz (FATEC) cosmetic technology course instructor and professor of cosmetology, PhD in Pharmaceutical Science/Cosmetology, University of São Paulo. More than 35 years of a professional career in pharmaceutical and cosmetics companies, including 14 years at Johnson & Johnson and 5 years at GSK Glaxo, dedicated to the innovation, research, development, safety and efficacy evaluation, and quality control of cosmetics and its active ingredients; He has been a member of the Board of Directors of the Brazilian Beauty Association (ABC) since 2000, and was the president of the organization from 2005 to 2009; since 2008, he has been the representative of the International Association of Cosmetic Chemistry (IFSCC) and the chairman of the Federation (IFSCC) from 2013 to 2014.

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