Ausmetics Quality Inspection Center has 4 laboratories: 1 microbiology laboratory, 1 physical and chemical laboratory, 1 QA laboratory, and 1 microbial challenge laboratory. The microbiology laboratory and the physicochemical laboratory are responsible for the daily testing of the production base. These items include: pH value, viscosity, moisture, relative density, specific gravity, heat and cold resistance, centrifugation test, conductivity, bacterial colonies, mold and yeast, etc. .

② QA laboratory mainly undertakes related tests of packaging materials: mainly including yellowing resistance test, compatibility test, adhesion test, related component mechanics test, sealing leak test, compatibility test, specification test, and application of laws and regulations.

③ Microbial Challenge Laboratory is mainly responsible for testing the antiseptic efficacy of new product formulations. Our product is transplanted into a cosmetic sample solution through a mixture of various pathogenic bacteria and its constituents for culture test, and the anti-corrosion ability of the cosmetic is evaluated by comparing the identification data. Effectively assess the anti-risk ability of cosmetics against microbial contamination.

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