How to Apply Face Serum?

What Is Face Serum Made of? 

Before understanding how to apply face serum, you need to understand the core ingredients of face serums. Face serums are mild cleansers with greater levels of organic components like hyaluronic acid, Aloe Vera, and vitamin C than regular moisturizing treatments. Face serums, which are renowned for their efficacy, are frequently used to treat particular skin problems such as wrinkling.

In addition, serums are usually thinner than moisturizers, making them ideal for applying on top of the surface without any issues. Serums are available in a range of formulations, spanning lotions, liquids, custom face serum, and lightweight balms, and most have a water-like viscosity.


Impermeable or tight hydrating substances like acetyl alcohol or petroleum jelly, which block moisture from escaping, are absent from face serums. They also have fewer hardening and greasing ingredients, such as walnut or seed oils. If you want to understand how to apply face serum, you need to know that most serums are water-based, which means they don’t include any oils.

What is Face Serum Good for?

A small bottle of face serum should survive seasons if used correctly. Many serums, such as custom repair serum, feature applicators, or exist in pumping containers to deliver exactly the right quantity. Those few condensed droplets are quite powerful.


Because serums are made up of smaller particles, they penetrate swiftly and profoundly into the skin. Creams create a barrier on your skin because of their denser, heavier components. That’s excellent for retaining moisture. It can, however, keep active chemicals out. The active components of a serum permeate your skin better and faster without all these impediments.


Before understanding how to apply face serum, you should know that face serums often include dermal antioxidants such as vitamin A, C, and E. Topical retinol and chemicals that level out skin color are also included. Serums function as therapeutic strategies for wrinkling, hyperpigmentation, and inflammation when placed beneath creams.


Regular oxidative damage, as well as maturing, can cause clogged pores and slight discoloration such as black patches. Dark spots are noticeably alleviated with daily usage of face serums, and blemishes are visibly decreased after four weeks.


How to Apply Face Serum?

So now you know why utilizing a face serum in your regular beauty regime is beneficial, it’s time to understand how to apply face serum. Here are the topmost layering serum instructions to get it perfect.

  • Cleaning your face is always the first stage in your daily regimen since it removes any dust, extra grease, or pollutants. Do this at dawn and dusk, as well as after you’ve worked up a sweat.
  • Apply a pea-sized quantity of your chosen serum to your face and work it in until it is totally consumed.
  • After you’ve finished administering serum, softly rub your preferred eye cream with your fingers.
  • Before heading outside in the mornings, use a broad-spectrum sunblock with an SPF of 30 or greater. You can use other sunscreen options that can protect your skin against harmful UV rays while the face serum works its magic.

When to Apply Face Serum? How Often to Use Serum on Face?

Most facial skincare products, such as serums, are safe to use twice a day: once in the mornings on fresh skin before applying the remainder of your cosmetics and once when heading to sleep. However, check the instructions on the serum’s packaging for any further advice about how to use the serum. Some facial cleansers and serums should be resisted throughout the day, while others perform at their best when the sun shines.

Do Face Serums Work?

So, you finally understand how to apply face serum. However, are face serums worth it? Serums for the face promote skin regeneration and collagen formation. Most brightening serums are loaded with essential minerals and pigment-fighting chemicals to enhance skin complexion. They also help your skin seem more youthful, clean, and healthy.

What is the Best Serum for Face?  

Now that you understand how to apply face serum, it is time to learn more about the best face serums in the market. Ausmetics is your best bet if you want the best options for your facial skin. You can enjoy an oil-free transparent gel face serum, oily translucent gel face serum, or a cloudy face serum milk based on your skin condition and requirements. All our serums are produced using the best ingredients and will easily fulfill all your requirements without costing you a lot.

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