How to choose your isolation products?

There is no clear definition of isolation in administrative regulations, which is called isolation cream. There may be distinct recipes, different functions, and the essence of most isolation is sun protection.

When you want to isolate the UV rays

Don’t be fooled by word games. Look at the product’s formula for physical sunscreens such as titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. Or methoxyhexyl methoxycinnamate, methylene bis-benzotriazolyl tetramethyl butyl phenol, bis-ethylhexyloxyphenol methoxy phenyl triazine, phenyl benzimidazole sulfonic acid Such chemical sunscreens.

If your isolate, it is essentially a sunscreen.

The rest is the question of choosing a sun protection index. But in this case, there is no absolute necessity to use the order. Also, because there are titanium dioxide in almost all BB creams, although there is no sunscreen function, there are actually some sunscreens. However, only the titanium dioxide sunscreen index is bound to be limited, so BB is also a class with a low sun protection index.

Does sunscreen need to remove it after use?

If your sunscreen contains titanium dioxide and is waterproof, it is recommended to remove it. If your sunscreen does not contain titanium dioxide, you don’t need to remove makeup. If your sunscreen contains titanium dioxide and is not waterproof, you don’t need to remove makeup. However, the cleaning products used by each person are different. In actual cases, there are also accumulated acne. Therefore, according to personal conditions, it is recommended to use facial cleanser and cleansing products once a week.

Also apply a little lotion or cream before using the sunscreen containing titanium dioxide. It can help reduce irritation during cleansing and protect the skin.

If you want to isolate computer radiation

Then you should choose a strong antioxidant lotion. Because most of the computer radiation is low-frequency radiation, most of the sunscreen is UVA and UVB with wavelengths of 280-400 nm. Therefore, sunscreen products do not have much function of isolating ultraviolet rays.

In fact, both ultraviolet and electromagnetic radiation generate free radicals, which in turn attack cells by free radicals. Therefore, the anti-oxidation product, which is strong enough and fast enough, is also the main direction of bio-sun protection research in the world. At present, the most commonly recognized external antioxidants are: proanthocyanidins, resveratrol, lycopene, astaxanthin, coenzyme Q10, idebenone, rosemary extract, tea polyphenols, vitamin E and so on.

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