How to deal with the old skin of the eye gracefully

why the eye skin is more likely to get older

Different people’s aging starting point is different (related to genes and living habits). Some people start from the neck, some start from the cheek, some start from the hair, some start from the heart, and more people – from the eye.

There are two main differences between the skin of the eye and the skin of the face:

  • Thinner and more fragile

The skin of the eye is only about half the thickness of the facial skin, and most of it has no subcutaneous fat layer. The stratum corneum is also only 6 to 8 layers (the face usually has 12-16 layers).
This also means:

  1. When the moisturizing is not done well, the eyelids are more prominent;
  2. More likely to cause sensitivity;
  3. True wrinkles are more likely to appear;
  4. Capillary leakage is more easily seen through the skin (vascular dark circles).
  • More affected by the expression of the muscles

A lot of variety shows hostess laughs to take the fingers to open the outer corner of the eye, because the smile will bring crow’s feet (of course, hand support is useless, manual funny). The expression of emotions is accomplished through the complex movements of the expression muscles. The contraction of the muscles causes the skin to stretch, and with the aging of light, wrinkles are formed over time. Temporary wrinkles caused by muscle movements will disappear on their own after muscle relaxation. These wrinkles are called “power lines”, also known as “false wrinkles.” And those wrinkles that are on the face are called “static lines.” Also known as “true wrinkles.”

How to deal with dynamic lines

This question is easy to answer: the dynamic pattern exists because of muscle contraction, then the muscle does not shrink, isn’t it? Then there is Botulinum toxin, an artifact that achieves smooth skin by inhibiting muscle contraction. For the treatment of crow’s feet in the eyes, the treatment of botulinum toxin is very mature. The three-point injection method injects a safe dose of botulinum toxin into the outer corner of the eye. Because the muscles cannot shrink, the “dynamic pattern” gradually disappears after a few weeks. With the metabolism of botulinum toxin in the body, the muscles will gradually recover after a few months and need to be injected again.

Is there any problem with long-term injection? More expensive. There is nothing wrong with this. The premise is that you have chosen a skilled dermatologist with deep anatomical skills.

How to deal with static patterns

Of course, we can use the method of medical beauty (laser, radio frequency, ultrasound) to treat static lines. In the rest period of treatment, we need to consolidate the treatment effect, and we need eye care products (including essence, serum and eye cream) with clear effects.

Next, focus on the eye serum and eye cream that deserve attention. For many years, I have been looking for the ideal eye product. After emptying a large number of items, I have two conclusions:
1. Eye products can do moisturizing is good! Because a lot of moisturizing can’t be done.
2. The characteristics of the eye skin determine that the product is too irritating and the product that is too mild is useless. It is a matter of learning to balance the balance between mildness and efficacy.

Here are the product from Ausmetics I have used. If you are planning to purchase an eyes cream, Ausmetics can be your first choice.

This eye cream contains more moisturizing ingredients and has a stronger moisturizing function. Suitable for dry autumn and winter seasons. It relieves eye problems such as dark circles, wrinkles, and bags under the eyes. Beautify and repair the skin around the eyes to achieve a firm, delicate and elastic eye condition.

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