How to moisturize your skin?

In principle, “hydrating” emphasizes “replenishing” moisture, while “moisturizing” seeks to “maintain” moisture

The reason for “moisturizing” is to talk about the epidermis and cuticle.
The outermost layer of the epidermis is the stratum corneum, which is an important part of the skin barrier. The moisturizing work we do is to first ensure that the moisture in the stratum corneum is maintained at a normal level.

In layman’s terms, the keratinocytes that make up the stratum corneum are like death squads. When fulfilling their due responsibilities, they need adequate logistical support, and a very important logistical support material is “water”.

When the water content of the stratum corneum is between 8-20%, the keratinocytes can finally prepare their equipment-the “lipid”, “amino acid”, “amino acid”, [ceramide], [cholesterol], and [free fatty acid] “Pyrrolidone carboxylate” and “urea” and other “natural moisturizing factors”. With these equipment, we can truly seal the moisture inside the skin.

In other words, once the stratum corneum has lost its adequate water supply. It will lose its ability, and the water will be continuously lost—dryness, cracking, redness, tingling, red bloodline …

I have divided the skin’s challenges into three levels, and talked about what each level is about, and what products will be used in each level and how should they be used.

1. Basic moisturizing

The lowest challenge is that the skin itself is intact and in good condition. The environment encountered is not too harsh, such as mild winters, and only basic moisturizing products are needed.

2. Strengthen the moisturizing ability

Medium skin challenges are oily or dry skin in harsh environments. For example, when you are working outdoors in the cold winter, when you are indoors, the heating is sufficient, and the relative humidity is very low-the environment is a big challenge. Fortunately, your skin is not sensitive and it is not very dry That kind.

In this case, it is necessary to strengthen the product’s ability to moisturize.

I recommend the relatively thicker petroleum jelly or horse oil cream, or the Soothing Relief Moisturing Cream.

The maximum capacity of petroleum jelly, various animal fats (such as horse oil and sheep oil, and the hotter emu oil recently) and oatmeal is through its own active ingredients (these three types correspond to petroleum jelly, animal fat and silicone oil, respectively) To “cover” the skin. Give your skin a chance to breathe and re-establish its own protection mechanisms under harsh conditions.

3. Enhance skin resistance

If the situation is more serious, it is necessary to enter the highest level of processing.

In this case, the external environment is relatively challenging, but what is more disturbing is that the skin itself is already full of scars. It may be that the skin is relatively thin, or it may be that the demon himself cleans and removes makeup too often. All in all, the skin becomes sensitive and the skin becomes tingling and red.

It is also important to mention that, due to the impaired barrier function, the skin is easily damaged by the cleaning process. So it is especially recommended to use some mild cleaning products, or even use clean water to cleanse the face.

In terms of body care, you can apply some grease to the whole body before bathing (for the convenience of application, you can wet the body with water and then apply it all over the body), then rinse off with shower gel. In fact, the face can do the same. Some recommended base oils for aromatherapy are jojoba oil and grape seed oil.

This has the benefit of reducing the likelihood that the skin barrier function will be disrupted by the cleaning product.

Step-by-step method of moisturizing

The choice of moisturizing products should also follow the principle of moderation.

In the early autumn of this year, a few of my friends thought that their barrier function might not be good and bought some repair products. Soon after, they came to me and asked why there are small closed mouths on the skin that can only be felt. At the time, I was particularly puzzled. Then I asked them carefully. In order to repair it as soon as possible, the amount of smearing was too frequent. Some friends, in order to speed up their recovery, directly apply very high concentration or even pure glycerin to the face, and did not wash it off after fifteen minutes. This may cause skin darkening.


Face different challenges and prepare different equipment for your skin.

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