How to protect sensitive muscles from principle

I don’t know how many friends are like me. The whole face turned red as soon as sunscreen was applied, and the skin became hot and tingly as soon as it was exposed to the sun. Skin care products can not help but want to wipe off the face, all kinds of acid, alcohol, vitamin A acid can not touch.

Because there have been a large number of acne outbreaks, they have not been treated in time, and the skin damage caused by needle clearing. I had a serious problem with my skin barrier, so I simply changed from oily tolerant muscles to oily sensitive muscles.

These is the damage caused by a damaged skin barrier.

  • Rapid water loss
  • Water-prone and dry
  • Reduced resistance
  • Redness and tingling
  • More sensitive
  • More vulnerable to UV rays and other injuries

So what is the skin barrier, why is it damaged, and how can it be repaired?

What is the skin barrier

The skin barrier is theoretically composed of a sebum membrane, an intercellular matrix, and keratin.

  • Sebum membrane refers to a thin film composed of lipids secreted by the sebaceous glands and dander on the skin surface, which can effectively prevent skin moisture loss.
  • The intercellular matrix is a kind of lipid, which contains ceramide, which can fill the gaps between cells well, prevent the stimulation and invasion of external harmful substances, and reduce the evaporation of water, so that the stratum corneum is fuller.
  • Keratin is an important protein in the stratum corneum. The natural moisturizing factor (NMF) contained in it can capture moisture well.

When the NMF is full of water, the keratin will become very full, which can better protect it from external material stimuli. Imagine that plump keratin is like a bulging balloon. When the balloons pile up, there will be a gap, which is the intercellular lipid. If lipids are filled with substances such as ceramide, then they will be better protected against external stimuli.

Why the skin barrier is damaged

Now that you know the composition of the skin barrier, it’s not hard to understand why the skin barrier is damaged.

▋Impaired sebum membrane

It refers to the insufficient secretion of sebum by the sebaceous glands, which causes the outermost protective film to not reduce the water loss very little and cannot protect the skin. Low temperatures, too little androgen, and excessive face washing are all causes of damaged sebum membranes.

▋Impaired cytoplasmic matrix

It refers to the lack of ceramide, which causes the cytoplasmic stroma to be damaged. There is no way to protect the dermis. Frequent use of cleansing facial cleansers can cause ceramide deficiency.

▋Damaged keratin

Because NMF’s natural moisturizing factor exists in keratin, excessive washing of the face and other reasons can cause keratin damage. NMF is soluble in water, which will cause the loss of NMF. This is also related to excessive cleaning.

How to repair the skin barrier

▋ Avoid excessive face washing

▋Fat Supplements

Because the sebum film is damaged, proper lipid supplementation can play a role in repair. Here lipid refers to squalane which is close to human sebum.

▋Ceramide supplement

▋Supply NMF

▋ Moisturizing

Hydrating can make the skin full, keratin can drink more water, and moisturizing can keep the skin in good condition, which has a certain effect on repairing the barrier.

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