IFSCC Benefactors Academy

IBA is the abbreviation of “IFSCC Benefactors Academy”, an academic conference hosted by IFSCC. Different from the general technical speech, the focus of IBA is on training and education. Every speaker of IBA will give an in-depth analysis of their topics. IBA will invite gold or silver benefactor as the organizer to organize academic speech conferences in various cities. As a strategic partner of IFSCC, Ausmetics is honored to work with IFSCC on the Pregnancy and Infant Product Technology Workshop, and invites the former IFSCC Chairman Jadir Nunes to share the content of the Pregnancy and Infant Product Technology Workshop.

Jadir Nunes has been in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic company for more than 35 years and is dedicated to the innovation, research, development, safety and efficacy evaluation and quality control of cosmetics and their active ingredients. Member of the Board of Directors of the Brazilian Beauty Association (ABC) since 2000, and served as President of the organization from 2005 to 2009. Since 2008, he has served as the representative of the International Cosmetic Chemistry Association (IFSCC) and served as the President of the Federation (IFSCC) from 2013 to 2014. He has served the world’s largest and most diverse medical and health companies: Johnson & Johnson and Glaxo. He is a visiting professor at the South American Cosmetics Association and the Department of Cosmetics at the University of São Paulo, and he is currently the Chief Technology Officer of Ausmetics.

At this conference, Jadir Nunes, an expert in Ausmetics’s maternal and child-level technology, discussed the application and prospects of pregnant-baby products and promoted technical exchanges between industries. The conference attracted many R&D personnel from well-known cosmetics companies from home and abroad to attend the conference.

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