Johnson & Johnson experts and Ausmetics technology exchange meeting

April 15, 2019, there is a technology meeting about How to design baby and pregnantcare products holding in Ausmetics.

Jadir Nunes attending in this great meeting, who has developed his professional career for more than 37 years in pharmaceutical and cosmetics companies like Johnson & Johnson, Schering-Plough, Natura and Stiefel / GSK, also as a technical Adviser for Ausmetics.

As for Baby Skin, Jadir Nunes said it is not fully developed at birth and the skin barrier continues to develop throughout the first years of life. This makes  it particularly sensitive:

  • A thinner stratum corneum (30%) and epidermis (20%)
  • Less densely packed corneocytes
  • A higher skin hydration level but less water-holding capacity
  • Lower amount of surface lipids and NMF*
  • Immature skin barrier function
  • Immature skin barrier function
  • Less developed sebaceous and sweat glands
  • A lower melanin content

As for pregnant products, hormonal changes have a direct impact on the pregnant skin.

90% of women experience skin changes, Average weight increase during the pregnancy: 9 to 13 Kg.

  • Skin texture becomes finer and dryer
  • Acne eruptions in the first months
  • Brown spots (“Pregnant mask”)
  • Change in the breasts (Heavier, more sensitive)
  • Loss of elasticity of the stomach
  • Stretch marks
  • Swollen legs

Pregnant products Ingredients to Avoid

  • Pregnant women should avoid skin-care products like moisturizers and serums that contain Retinol.
  • Also recommends avoiding products that contain Salicylic acid, which is related to aspirin.
  • Hydroquinone: This is an ingredient that is used for lightening the skin, which is tempting during pregnancy because of the appearance of dark spots. In high amounts, it can be absorbed by the skin and enter the bloodstream, which can potentially harm your baby.
  • Instead, look for moisturizers that contain natural ingredients such as soothing Chamomile, Aloe vera gel and Grapeseed extract.
  • Choose skin-care products from reputable brands.

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