Key skin care knowledge

1. What skin care products are chosen is not related to age or gender, and is related to the appeal and the adequacy of the wallet.

2. Pick up the article, so there is no gold standard for “being old for XX”.

3. Soap-based cleansing is strong, even for oily skin, it is not recommended to use it every time.

4. “Dry in the outer oil”, most of the skin barrier is damaged. Instead of playing with your life, it is better to use a repair skin care product first.

5. Skin tingling is not a lack of water, it is a barrier to damage. Do not paste the mask and apply it wet.

6. The oil-absorbing paper will not use more oil. Please be kind to yourself when you are full of oil, use blotting paper.

7. As long as there is no discomfort, facial products can also be used in the eye area, and eye cream is not a necessity.

8. The “fat granules” around the eyes, usually a millet rash or a sweat duct tumor, have little to do with skin care products.

9. There are also UV rays in winter and sun protection unless you live in the South/Arctic Circle (very night).

10. Haze can exacerbate the damage of UV rays to the skin. Response: Cleansing, anti-oxidant/anti-inflammatory skin care products, sunscreen and sunscreen!

11. High protection sunscreen does not increase the burden on the skin. The feeling of “increasing the burden” comes from the sticky texture of some sunscreens.

12. About sunscreen dosage: a creamy face with a 1 dollar coin; a thin Japanese shaker, two. The amount of sunscreen spray is not good enough. It is recommended to use it when applying it.

13. Can a makeup product with SPF value replace sunscreen? If you check the dosage, do you not meet the above criteria?

14. Most sunscreens can be washed off after normal cleansing without removing makeup. After removing the sunscreen after individual sunscreen cleansing, you need to use a makeup remover.

Efficacy component

15. VC can be used during the day, and it can enhance the sun protection effect by superimposing it with sunscreen.

16. Another pair of functional ingredients suitable for superposition: A alcohol + nicotinamide. But pay attention to build tolerance, step by step.

17. Recommended ingredients for night use only: hydroquinone, kojic acid, and vitamin A. But it doesn’t need to be smothered with black lights. The indoor lights and the screen light of the mobile phone are all right.

18. Exfoliate products should not be greedy, and it is not good to damage the skin barrier. Physical exfoliating products such as cleansing brushes, cleansing devices, and scrubs should not be used every day. Acids also have the effect of exfoliating keratin.

19. Be sure to pay attention to sun protection after brushing acid.

20. Skin care products can’t shrink pores, only by controlling oil and delaying the regeneration of blackheads, visually making the pores look smaller.

21. The best anti-aging whitening method is to pay attention to sun protection. Sunscreens, sunscreens, umbrellas, sunglasses, masks, and sunhats are all available.

22. Whitening skin care products will not let you go white indefinitely. The limit of white is genetically determined.

23. The function of anti-aging skin care products is to delay the appearance of wrinkles. It is impossible for the old face to rejuvenate overnight.

24. Chili does not irritate your acne. High-oil, high-sugar foods will only be.

25. There are two types of acne marks: red acne marks are inflammation that has not subsided, generally can naturally fade; brown acne marks, which are pigmented, whitening skin care products can be solved. Or leave time to solve.

26. Freckles are hereditary. If they are removed, they will recur. The sun will increase freckles and calm down.

27. Chicken skin is hereditary and 10% urea body milk is solvable.

28. Ichthyosis (the kind of scales/snake-like dry lines on the legs) is hereditary and can be solved by applying body lotion.

29. Efficacy ingredients are important, but there is nothing wrong with spending extra money on a good skin feel. Don’t laugh at others who have paid IQ taxes.

Save your money

30. Isolation cream can’t be isolated. It is either before makeup or sunscreen or with color before makeup/sunscreen.

31. Eye cream can’t rub your eyes, tears, and you can’t afford much money.

32. Skin care products can not acne pits / scars, how much money can not.

33. Skin care products can not lick stretch marks, um.

34. Slimming cream, useless.

35. There is no need to buy a neck cream. Just wear a skin cream and bring your neck.

36. Oral whitening products, antioxidant products, collagen, useless. Eating well is better than swearing.

37. Oral anti-glycation products are not worth buying.

38. The skin does not need to be “detoxified”.

39. There are only two types of masks that work well: hydration and cleansing. Do not apply mask every day, 1-2 times a week.

40. The viscous liquid in the mask is not an essence, and is often made with a thickening system such as carbomer, xanthan gum, carboxymethyl cellulose, and the like.

41. “Pharmaceutical makeup” is a folk concept, and the State Food and Drug Administration has banned cosmetics from using the concept of “pharmaceutical makeup”. Skin care products are not medicine, the skin is really a problem, remember to see a doctor.

The last one is:

42. Mastering scientific knowledge is to improve the quality of life of oneself and others, not to show superiority and to establish a scorn chain.

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