toner after shaving

After shave toner is a special lotion for men after shaving. Because every time you shave, the pores become thicker, and the skin will be damaged to some extent. So the basic function of after shave toner is to converge, calm and toning.

After Shave Toner Function :

Shaving is a problem for every man, so how to protect your skin during shaving? Men should apply a hot towel to the face before shaving, which will soften the beard. Also use shaving cream and after shave toner. Generally, the shaving cream contains menthol, which can reduce scratching and achieve anti-inflammatory and bactericidal effects. Always use after shave toner after shaving your face, as it will inevitably scratch your skin during shaving. And some small damage is not easy to detect, the after shave toner will be patted in the scraped area, which can play the role of shrinking pores and anti-inflammatory.

After Shave Toner Usage :

After shaving, apply a proper amount of after shave toner to the face and neck. Gently pat dry to shrink pores, soothe the tiny irritation caused by shaving, and bring you a refreshing feeling.

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