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It’s time we take care of our bodies as much as we care for our faces. Ausmetics OEM & Private Label bath and body products should get just as much love. Our bodies are under immense pressure due to faster pace lifestyles, causing by aging, work stress, pollution, unbalanced diets, and over exposure to the sun. That’s exactly why we need body-care products to hydrate, smoothen, soften and sooth our bodies. Body parts like nails, knees and elbows are often neglected, causing them to go brittle and flaky.

As a cosmetics contract manufacturer, Ausmetics has an excellent body-care product rage. They target consumers’ all unique skin needs, from deeply nourishing body creams to soothing treatments.

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Body Lotion

Ausmetics body lotion has a unique, light and non-greasy formula that provides 24-hour hydration and helps restore the skins’ defense system. It has a refreshing feeling of touch and will bring impressive changes to your skin.

Body Scrub

The exfoliating component in body scrub is used to rub off dead cells on our skin; still, it’s mild enough to avoid the skin from getting damaged. Body scrub is perfect to polish the skin, giving it a fresh, clean, and smooth feeling.

oem private label body scrub
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Shower Gel

Body washes and shower gels are pH-balanced liquid products used for body cleansing. Ausmetics natural shower gels are free from potentially harmful chemicals.

Body Butter

Ausmetics Body Butter is made of organic butters and natural oils. It contains ingredients such as shea butter and cocoa butter which melt at skin temperature, meaning they get absorbed almost immediately on contact with your skin. It’s super lightweight yet provides intense hydration and will last longer than any other lotion because it only contains butters and carrier oils rather than water.

oem private label body butter
oem private label body oil

Body Oil

Ausmetics body oil is ultra-moisturizing and feels wildly luxurious to the touch, which leaves your skin glowy, firm, and supple.

Body Spray

Ausmetics body spray can help you get rid of body odor and keep your body fresh and clean. Made from natural ingredients, the spray is also alcohol-, paraben- and aluminum salt-free.

oem private label body spray

We can manufacture customized products based on your chosen ingredients and specific requirements.

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Bath And Body Products Tipes

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It is no doubt that showers can be magic. You know what we’re talking about. When you finish a long day of work, feeling completely exhausted, getting a perfect bath can just make a difference. And Ausmetics OEM & Private Label bath and body products can be you best friend. When you are having a good bath, you can get inspired and come up with the most brilliant idea. And the problems that have been bothering you just do not seem to matter that much. After a good shower or bath, you will feel totally refreshed.

With that in mind, our need for the best OEM & Private Label bath and body products and hygiene products has never been stronger.

Benefits of bathing

  1. Bathing can wash away the dirt that might be blocking our pores.
  2. Bathing improves the metabolism of our boies.

  3. Bathing can promote the health of our skin, accelerate blood circulation of muscles.

  4. Water with proper temperature has a calming effect on nerves and helps relieve itching, pain and other discomforts or upset feelings.
  5. Bathing can help treat skin diseases. Adding bath salts, bath oils, essential oils, etc., to the bathwater can be effective, which is beneficial to the treatment of skin disease.

Note: Consumers can choose bath products according to their skin types and preferences.

oem private label bath and body products
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Scrub products for Deep cleansing and exfoliation

  1. Any skin care routine must start with cleansing and then moisturizing and special care.

Our bodies, like our faces, also need a daily care routine that start with cleaning.

  1. The metabolic cycle of skin cells is 28 days. But if the skin is dehydrated and dry, metabolism will slow down. Old cells will accumulate on the surface, making it difficult more pores to breathe. Our skin will become dull and rough.
  2. Regular use of scrubs can remove dead skin cells while massaging the skin, promoting cell regeneration, and nourishing and brightening the skin.

Private label bath and body products for nourishing

Our body is 70% water. The skin’s sebum oil is a natural moisturizer, which can prevent moisture loss and form a natural protective layer to resist the external environmental damages against the skin so that our skin can maintain its elasticity and firmness. Since the sebaceous glands on our body are seven times less than the facial skin, the body skin, especially our legs, arms and elbows, are prone to dehydration and dryness. Therefore, using body lotion and body creams every day is essential to supply nutrients and moisture to our skin in a timely manner.

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bath and body products

Sun protection.

Avoid exposure to the sun for a long time, and always remember to wear sunscreen. The correct way is to apply sunscreen evenly to the whole body, and have it removed before going to bed.


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