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OEM & Private Label Body Scrub

Private Label Body scrub is a cleansing product that contains fine particles to help with deep cleaning. It is mainly used to remove dirt in the deeper layers of the skin. By rubbing on the skin, it can peel off the ageing scaly keratin, remove dead skin, refine the enlarged pores, and brighten the skin complexion.


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oem private label body scrub salt base

Salt Base Body Scrub

For normal skin that’s not dry or sensitive, it’s important to exfoliate to maintain your skin’s health. You can also choose a scrub for a bit of indulgence or simply to feel re-energised.

Sugar Base Body Scrub

You can still choose a scrub that works for you even if you have sensitive skin. A sugar base body scrub will do just that. It is gentle enough to sooth, exfoliate and restore the skin.

oem private label body scrub sugar base
oem private label body scrub cream base

Cream Base Body Scrub

If you suffer from patchy dry skin, you’ll need to choose an exfoliator that removes any dead skin cells but at the same time reduces any unwanted flaking. The right scrub will give your skin adequate moisture, to help combat dryness and leave your skin feeling replenished.

Coffee Body Scrub

Natural exfoliant, say bye to harmful microbeads

Coffee has organic grounds that can act as natural scrub. The grounds will keep the pores clean, which will allow the skin to absorb moisture more effectively. It is also environmentally friendly compared to those polyethylene beads found in other exfoliant scrubs!

It improves blood flow and helps fight cellulite

Caffeine can improve blood flow and circulation. By rubbing it on the skin, coffee grounds also releases toxins and fats to sooth and moisturize. With better flow of blood, you can get rid of cellulite that has built up by tearing down fatty tissues.

It tightens and tones the skin.

Caffeine is also a vasodilator. It allows blood vessels to open and improves blood flow. An improved blood flow is directly reflected in the texture of your skin, leaving you with a tighter, firmer look.

oem private label coffee body scrub

Benefits Of Ausmetics OEM & Private Label Body Scrub

  • Renew: Body scrub can help to remove dead skin cells and help your skin look brighter.
  • Regrow: Body scrub helps the growth of collagen, which is essential for the skin to stay young and firm.
  • Relax: Applying body scrub can be a fantastic way to relax, the process of which will calm you down and get destressed.

We can manufacture customized products based on your chosen ingredients and specific requirements.

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