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The skin around our eye area is the thinnest on the whole face. Because of this, it is prone to aging signs. This means this area doesn’t have much resilience against things like sagging, fine lines, and wrinkles.

The thickness of your skin could to down to genetics, but it is also to do with your lifestyles and choice. Sun rays can also do a lot of damages as we all know. Our eye area is so sensitive compared to the rest of our skin, that is why a lot of the products we use on the face could lead to sensitivity and irritation, which can cause further problems to the skin.

In addition to moisturizing, Ausmetics oem private label eye cream formula also helps reduce dark circles and bags under eyes. It also has the effect of improving wrinkles and fine lines.


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Moisturizing Eye Cream

Contains more moisturizing ingredients. It is suitable for dry autumn and winter and those who work in air-conditioned rooms.

Firming Eye Cream

Rich in special nourishing ingredients, ratio of essential oil ingredients is higher than other eye creams, suitable for dark circles and ageing skin, as well as very dry skin.

Anti-ageing Eye Cream

Anti-wrinkle, suitable for all seasons

Anti-allergy Eye Cream

Suitable for those who have sensitive skin.

Eye Gel

It helps to eliminate eye bags and dark circles and soothe under eye skin. Because of its refreshing and non-greasy texture, there is almost no feeling of discomfort to our delicate skin. Eye gel is suitable for people with oily skin.

Common Ingredients
For Eye Cream

Some of the all-star ingredients for eye cream would include retinol, caffeine, peptides, ceramides, hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, aloe, green tea, and vitamins. Here’s a more detailed list of the ingredients you can find in an eye cream.

Vitamins- nutrition to skin and reduces fine lines.

Vitamin A: acts on the deep layers of the skin, regulates the keratinization process, promotes the production of collagen fibers and elastic fibers, and can effectively remove fine lines and smooth wrinkles.

Multi-vitamins: maximize the effectiveness of vitamins and increase the firmness and gloss of the skin.

Vitamin E: acts on the deep layers of the skin, effectively moisturizing and hydrating, leaving the skin around eyes soft and supple.

Plant ingredients- natural, gentle, and nourishing to the eye skin. They contain rich nutrients and antioxidants, which can promote cell regeneration and regain youthful touch.

Chamomile extract and aloe vera extract: It has the effect of soothing blood congestion and can relieve fatigue and eye puffiness.

Soy lecithin, wheat germ oil: contains softening factor and serine, moisturizes and activates the skin, reducing dryness.

Ruscus aculeatus: promote blood circulation, prevent and eliminate dark circles.

Rose essence: fasten circulation, can prevent and reduce puffiness.

Ceramide: this moisturizing ingredient extracted from natural plants can have a long-lasting hydrating effect on the skin.

Compound amino acid: contains serine, arginine, glycine, glutamine and other amino acids. It is a natural moisturizing factor contained in the stratum corneum layer of the skin. It has fine molecules and can strengthen the skin’s moisture retention.

Vitamin A derivative: increase the production of collagen and improve the touch of skin.

Hydrolyzed silk protein: It can protect the skin from dehydration and dryness and can give our skin a smooth feeling.

Shea Butter: Contains natural plant sterols, has the effect of repairing peeling and damaged skin while giving the skin a long-term moisturization.

Vitamin E ester: Anti-oxidant, prevent skin damage from the external environment and help smooth fine lines.

Water: water

Glycerin: glycerin, humectant

Cyclomethicone: Silicone smoothing agent, which has a soothing effect and makes the product more spreadable

Methyl glucose sesquistearate: vegetable glucan derivative, gentle and non-irritating, moisturizing

Methyl glued-20: methyl glucose 20 ethylene oxide, solvent

Panthenol: Vitamin B

Tocopheryl acetate; Vitamin E derivative, antioxidant

Saccharide isomerate: isomerized sugar, a moisturizing ingredient extracted from a complex of sugars, with a unique water-locking magnetism

Phenoxyethanol: a mild preservative

Butyrospermum parkii(shea)butter: shea butter

Acrylates/c10-30 alkyl crosspolymer: acrylic, thickener

Sodium hyaluronate: hyaluronic acid, 1:500 water retention, also called hyaluronic acid

Algae extract: seaweed extract, moisturizing and nourishing to help repair

Methylparaben: antiseptic

Sodium hydroxide: sodium hydroxide

Dimethicone: moisturizing and refreshing

Butylparaben: antiseptic

Ethylparaben: antiseptic

Disodium EDTA: surfactant

Isobuthlparaben: antiseptic

Propylparaben: antiseptic

Titanium dioxide: titanium dioxide absorbs UVA in ultraviolet rays

We can manufacture customized products based on your chosen ingredients and specific requirements.


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