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OEM & Private Label Face Cream

Face cream keeps the moisture in the skin which keeps it elastic. Moisture helps to prevent wrinkles, spots and other skin aging problems. It also acts as protective layers to fight against pollutions. If a product is non comedogeic, it will not block the pores or cause a skin breakout.

The main moisturizing effect of the cream comes from oil and moisturizer used in the formula. Oil mainly forms a film by covering the surface of the skin to reduce the loss of moisture. Generally, we refer to fats as emollients or sealers.

Ausmetics cream provides a dual anti-aging effect that stimulates the energy of the cells, promotes collagen synthesis, improves the texture and skin tone, making skins more delicate.


Moisturizing Cream

High moisturizing contents. Easy to apply evenly and quickly moisturize the skin surfaces. The cream can be easily absorbed by skin and has high water retention. The ingredients that serve this function do not easily evaporate and are able to maintain the moisture of skin. Good moisturizing cream should not be greasy. It could be low in oil content or even has oil-control function.

Ingredients: Hyaluronic acid (hyaluronic acid), glycerin, amino acids, collagen, provitamin B5, AHA, etc. Glycerin is a traditional moisturizing agent, but it mainly maintains humidity by absorbing moisture from the air, so it is not suitable for dry weather.

Brightening Cream

Safe ingredients that are non-irritating, non-alcoholic and mild.

Ingredients: brightening ingredients, Arbutin, ellagic acid, L-C etc.

Anti-aging Cream

Good moisturizing effect. Wrinkles are caused by lack of moisture and decreasing oil, and sufficient moisture can prevent wrinkles.

Ingredients: anti-aging ingredients, Vitamin A, collagen, peptide and Q10 etc.

Anti-ance Cream

Regulate the skin micro-ecology, improve the skin barrier and resist allergic discomfort. It can regulate the skin texture of acne and effectively inhibit the recurrence of acne.

Ingredients: aloe extract, tea tree essential oil

We can manufacture customized products based on your chosen ingredients and specific requirements.

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