OEM & Private Label Face Sheet Mask

Disposable sheet masks are possibly the most popular choice for most people. Ausmetics oem private label face sheet masks contain highly-concentrated serum that provides instant dose of nutrient to the skin. The sheets keep the serum and moisturizers on the skin and help it to absorb the ingredients.

They are ultra-convenient, quick, and easy to use. The remaining serum is also good for chest and arms.

The reason why these one-use masks are so popular at the moment is that they are effective and convenient. There’s no need of preparation. You can sit back and relax.

They are highly absorbent, so use them before you hit the bed, and wake up to visibly brighter.

Sheet masks are made from different materials, such as silk, cotton, biological fiber, and more.


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oem private label face sheet mask Cotton Mask

Cotton Mask

The cotton used in these masks is made up of microfibers that allow the serum to absorb dirt and pollution from the skin, as well as moisturizing it. Also, the soft texture also makes it enjoyable to use.

Bio-cellulose Mask

Bio-cellulose masks are getting more popular with their significant performance. These masks are made of cellulose attained from certain bacteria in a controlled laboratory environment. This all-natural material makes a better fit for the skin and will make the active serum to stay on the skin properly.

oem private label face sheet mask Bio-cellulose Mask
oem private label face sheet mask Hydrogel Mask

Hydrogel Mask

These masks are made with sheets that are jelly-like. This allows them to have a pleasing feeling on the skin that are cooling and refreshing. Hydrogel masks help in boosting the cellular formation of the skin. These masks are infused with hyaluronic acid, which is known to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and flights.

We can manufacture customized products based on your chosen ingredients and specific requirements.


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