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Ausmetics private label hair conditioner can make the hair smooth, easy to comb, antistatic, shiny, and can repair hair damaged by dyeing, perming and mechanical damage.


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oem private label Wash-off hair conditioner

Wash-off Conditioner

The main feature of the rinse-off conditioner is that the hair care ingredients are evenly distributed on the hair through the washing process. A smooth protective film is formed on the hair, effectively preventing the loss of moisture, making the hair soft, moisturized, shiny and easy to comb.

No-rinse Conditioner

This product is perfect for those who have limited access to shower or mobility, or on the go. A rinse-free conditioner is ready to use and can help to prevent damage to the hair’s cuticles and static electricity. Some of the ingredients can be absorbed by the surface of the hair, so a rinse-free conditioner will not only play a role in curing damaged hair, it can also include oils for hair ends, preventing cracking and split ends. This oil product can make your hair tips look more moisturized, bright, and easy to manage.

One more extra benefit of using a rinse-free conditioner: before you use hairspray, mousse, wax and other hair styling products, apply a no-rinse hair conditioner so that you can avoid these products from bringing hair damage.

oem private label No-rinse Conditioner hair conditioner
oem private label hair Spray Conditioner

Spray Conditioner

It is ultra-convenient. When you are away from home, carry a bottle of spray conditioner with you, which is convenient to use anytime, anywhere. Spray some product on the hair to form a light and breathable protective film on the surface of the hair, which can effectively help lock the natural moisture and maintain the elasticity of hair.

We can manufacture customized products based on your chosen ingredients and specific requirements.


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