OEM & Private Label Lip Care

Our lip skin is thinner than facial skin and thus prone to aging. Also lips are always exposed and easily affected by the environment. That’s why moisturizing and hydrating are the key for lip care especially in winter. Ausmetics OEM & private label lip care can help you get away dry.

The skin on the lips is very fragile. Since there are no sebaceous glands that generate oil, our lips lack a natural protective layer. This not only make our lips dry easily but also leads to the fact that they have no resistance to ultraviolet rays from the sun. That’s why when picking lip balm, lip gloss or lip sticks, we need to make sure there’s a certain degree of sun protection. As we age, collagen in our skins decreases, and skins will become less firm and elastic, which will directly lead to tired skin, increased wrinkles, and blurred lip line. As a cosmetics contract manufacturer, our service tenet is “Turning your ideas into great products.”


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Lip Scrub

Lip scrub can help you get rid of dry skin, which will smoothen and soften your lips. Exfoliating lip scrub will improve how your lips look. It will improve how your lips fell too. Ausmetics lip scrubs have been carefully formulated with gentle exfoliants and nourishing ingredients to smooth and improve delicate skin at the same time. It is a must-have for lip cares.

Lip Balm

Ausmetics lip balm contains a balanced concentration of ingredients, including butter, natural wax, and botanical ingredients combined with anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Ausmetics lip balm work the magic to cure lip problems, such as dryness, soreness, and chapped lips.

Ausmetics focuses on product innovations. The lip product rage has been evolving to suit a younger audience and a larger consumer base. For instance, we have introduced trendy flavored balms, like vanilla, mango and strawberry that also add shimmer or shine to the lips.

Lip Mask

Ausmetics lip mask is made of ultra-hydrating ingredients. They work to nourish lips, leaving them soft and supple after use.

Ausmetics OEM & Private Label
Lip Care Skills

When our lips appear dry or chapped, you can put a hot towel on your lips for about 5 minutes, then use a very soft brush to gently brush off the dead skin, and then apply lip balm or olive oil. If you are wearing makeup, apply lipstick and lip gloss after your lip care.

Tips to dull lips: choose lipstick with sun protection. Drink plenty of water, eat more vegetables and fruits. It is best to do lip care before makeup: first use high-quality lip care oil, and then lipstick. Apply a layer of foundation before lipstick. This will make the color appear brighter.

Tips to get rid of lip lines: carry a lip balm containing moisturizing ingredients such as vitamin E with you and apply frequently. Pick your lip balm brands that have a good reputation. Don’t forget to wear lip balm at night. Makeup might cause irritations and make your lips more fragile. It is recommended that for two days of a week, only wear lip balm without makeup.

We can manufacture customized products based on your chosen ingredients and specific requirements.

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