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Newborn baby’s sebum secretion is relatively strong, so the skin will look firm and smooth. At this point, the baby does not need extra lotion. But after 3 months, the amount of baby’s sebum gradually reduces, and their skins will get thinner and contains less moisture. Especially in winter, their skin will become drier. In order to prevent the pain from dryness, itchiness and chapped skin, Ausmetics private label baby lotion would be most helpful to relive these problems.


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oem private label baby lotion

Ausmetics Body Lotion

1) Natural and gentle-6 major additives free. Care for the baby with a peace of mind.

  • No fragrance, no skin irritation
  • No pigment, which will not cause allergies
  • No mineral oil, which will not clog pores
  • No formaldehyde, which will not cause eczema
  • No fluorescent agent, no risk of cancer
  • No paraben, which will not cause dermatitis

48-hour long-lasting moisturizing and patented technology (BASF patented moisturizing ingredient PatcH2O from Germany)

PatcH2O provides the best moisturizing effect by deep down the skin.

On the skin surface, a layer is formed by the formula that contains hyaluronic acid, alginate, and a natural glucan called pullulan. A large number of moisturizing ingredients will work their magic in the keratin of the skin.

moisturizing effect after 8-hour 50%

moisturizing effect after 24-hour 33%

moisturizing effect after 48-hour 18%

Deep moisturizing-triple plant oils to repair baby's sensitive skin

Macadamia nut oil (deeply moisturizing): The only natural vegetable oil found in nuts that contains palmitoleic acid, which is an essential fatty acid in our sebum. 1. It can regulate the skin’s metabolism; 2. It can resist inflammation damage to the skin, protecting cell membranes, and caring for tender skin 3. Improve skin dryness, with a refreshing and non-greasy texture, which is easily absorbed.

Shea Butter (soothing and repairing): It has analgesic and special sun protection effects. It is fully compatible with the skins and can stimulate cell growth, help with wound healing, and has a good relieving effect on dry skin, dermatitis, and sunburns.

Wheat germ oil (strengthen the skin barrier): Contains natural vitamin E, the content of which ranks first among various vegetable oils, which gives it a strong antioxidant effect. It prevents the generation of lipid peroxides in the body, protects cell membranes, and inhibits free radicals. It can effectively promote skin metabolism and renewal, and prevent skin ageing.

We can manufacture customized products based on your chosen ingredients and specific requirements.

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