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In daily life, stress, fatigue and environmental aggressors can have various effects on our skin, such as sluggishness, dehydration, lack of brightness and appearance of fine lines. Because of its portability, the mask will be the best choice for your daily skincare. The simple way to use will enable you to rejuvenate your skin in just 20 minutes.

As a beauty mask manufacturer with rich R&D experience, we have launched 4 more targeted private-brand masks for some common skin problems, which can quickly and effectively alleviate skin problems.

As we age, skin moisture will drop significantly, which will make the skin lose its elasticity and expose the signs of skin aging. According to different effects and the use of raw materials, we have launched different series of facial mask products, which can meet most of your skin needs.

private label facial sheet mask

Hyaluronic acid tissue mask

It can provide effective moisturizing effect and make facial fine lines appear smoother after use. Its formula contains hyaluronic acid, a natural glycosaminoglycan (polysaccharide is an important part of connective tissue), which has many benefits and is one of the ingredients often used in skin care products. Its weight in water is more than 1 000 times its weight, which makes it can be used as an excellent moisturizer and suitable for all skins to use.

Collagen Tissue Mask

Collagen is the main protein of extracellular matrix, the decrease in the amount of Collagen is closely related to skin aging. Our collagen tissue mask can provide a large amount of collagen for your face, which can quickly replenish the lost collagen in the face. In addition, it can also help repair subtle wounds, excellent in firming and replumping the appearance of the face skin.

Cucumber & Peppermint Facial Mask

It’s a natural ingredient product, which can provide effective refreshing and soothing effect, especially perfect for ultraviolet sunburn repair and hangover skin care. It’s mainly contains cucumber and peppermint extract, which is the core role of the mask, The pure natural ingredient extract makes the facial mask showing a better effect than the raw materials. Its natural ingredients  determines a wide range of users.

Coconut & Avocado Oil Facial Mask

It’s also a natural ingredient product, mainly contains coconut and avocado extract, which is rich in sterols. The sterols can help the skin produce more collagen, tighten the skin and lighten the spots. It also has rich vitamins and minerals to deeply nourish, calm and moisturize skin. Perfect for use before bed and lazy Sunday.

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