safe body powder

Baby powder is a talcum powder for children. The main ingredients of talcum powder are talc, boric acid, magnesium carbonate and spices. The talcum powder is divided into adult and children due to the different boric acid components. The difference between baby powder and general body powder is that the purity of the raw material is high, and the powder is disinfected and contains less fragrance. The main function of baby powder is to absorb the residual moisture of the skin and make the skin dry. Provides moderate lubrication to reduce possible abrasions and discomfort when cleaning the skin.


Baby powder can be anti-inflammatory, itching, and bactericidal. It is often applied to the folds of the baby’s skin to prevent the baby from causing redness or even damage due to the airtightness of the skin folds.


1. Be cautious when applying talcum powder. Pour the powder on your hands or puff away from the baby and carefully apply it to the baby.
2. Gently scatter the whole body of the baby during use (use cotton puff or gauze to cover the cotton), especially to focus on the key parts. Such as the buttocks, underarms, leg sockets, neck and so on.
3. When the powder is pulverized, the wrinkles should be pulled apart and the amount should not be too much.
4. Prevent puffs from falling into the eyes, ears, and mouth.
5. After use, immediately close the lid and properly collect, do not let the baby casually play.
6. Avoid splashing at the wind tunnel.

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