Face serum is one of the skin care products often used in facial skin care. Hydrating serums for face are usually used after skin care lotions and before creams. Compared with other skin care products, it generally contains precious functional ingredients, such as plant extracts, ceramide, squalane, and so on. Its functions include anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, moisturizing, whitening, and removing spots. Natural and organic hyaluronic acid face serum can effectively enhance the balance of moisture and water and oil, and improve skin texture and brightness. The transparent texture acid face serum can make the skin plump, soft, and smooth, effectively reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

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Ausmetics relies on rich industry experience and unique technical advantages, supporting comprehensive production equipment to customize excellent facial essence products for each customer. There are three main types of facial essences currently on the market, namely Oil-free transparent gel face serum, Oily translucent gel face serum, and Oily cloudy face serum milk. Different products are used to solve different skin problems and have very good results.

Oil-free transparent gel face serum

This type of face serum is mainly transparent or semi-permeable, with obvious consistency, non-greasy feeling, and the touch of fingertips is as smooth as unprocessed egg white. This actually means that it contains a lot of polymer colloids and its permeability is very low. The more slippery it is in use, the higher the polymer colloid content and the worse the permeability. This type of face serum is easy to spread unevenly when applied directly to the skin, and it is difficult to penetrate the skin effectively. Therefore, it is often used with emulsions with good permeability to stimulate the best use effect.

Oily translucent gel face serum

This face serum generally has a lotion-like fluid texture, a smooth gel texture of egg white, with a cloudy white. After using a solubilizer (a surfactant) and a polymer glue, which mainly made of silicone derivatives and a small number of oily ingredients for suspension and dispersion, translucent facial face serum is formed. After using the oily translucent gel cream, it will have a touch feeling of silky satin-like smoothness and a very good experience.

Oily, cloudy face serum milk

This type of serum usually has a white emulsion-like texture and even has a higher viscosity, making it smoother and easier to apply. Oily, cloudy face serum milk is the mainstream of high-end and high-priced anti-aging products. The recipes used in the manufacturing process are more complex, most of which are masterpieces using silicone and synthetic ester ingredients. It mainly includes silyl groups, synthetic esters, emulsifiers (surfactants), polymer gums, alcohols, and penetration aids.

As a professional custom face serum manufacturer, Ausmetics produces and sells the three most common facial serums currently on the market. With high-quality raw materials, unique manufacturing processes, and independent quality supervision departments, we only provide customers with the highest quality customized facial face serum products.

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