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Incomplete cleansing can cause dust and makeup residue to accumulate, and too much oil can cause blackheads and acne. However, excessive cleansing will cause exfoliation of the sebum, which in turn weakens the skin barrier function, and lead the skin to be susceptible to exogenous stimulus, causing sensitive redness and tingling.


Although our goal is to create the most effective natural products, we also attach great importance to safety. We can guarantee that you will not have daily beauty concerns, which is why we are committed to researching the safety of each natural ingredient in custom facial cleanser. Completely eliminate harmful ingredients, to ensure the health of users. It is our responsibility to provide users with the best natural private label face wash.


Apply a small amount of facial cleanser to dampened skin, massaging gently to create a lather. Concentrate on troubled areas such as the t-zone. Rinse with water. Follow with appropriate serum and moisturizer. For best results, remove makeup before use.

Formulation Guidelines

While our goal is to create the most efficacious natural products, we place an extreme importance on safety as we believe your beauty routine shouldn’t be something to worry about. That is why we research the safety of every ingredient, natural and synthetic, to ensure there are no known health concerns and that our products remain free from harmful ingredients.

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