Makeup removal is the foundation of skin care, but it is often ignored. Residual makeup is oily dirt, which can block the pores, make the cells unable to breathe smoothly, hinder the skin regeneration cycle, make the skin gradually become rough, coarse pores, yellowish complexion, and breed dark particles and acne.

As a mature cosmetics manufacturer, Ausmetic has a well-behaved private label make-up remover product. It can easily solve the problem of makeup removal for you.

3-in-1 makeup remover

It can remove the residual cosmetics on the face, deeply clean the oil and dirt in the pores, remove acne and blackhead, and shrink the pores of the skin. The main ingredient, micellar water is a magical component, it does makeup remover, cleanser, and toner work in one. The convenience and high efficiency of micellar water makeup remover is a necessary choice for the majority users.

Ausmetics OEM

Biological Micelle Technology Makeup Remover


Using micellar technology, the free surfactant monomers are spatially formed into a special spherical “micelle group” in which the lipophilic and lipophilic ends and the hydrophilic and hydrophilic ends are assembled in space.

The lipophilic group of the micellar group will actively wrap the oily cosmetics and dirt, and the hydrophilic group will be discharged outside, so that the outer layer of the oily cosmetics dirt can become hydrophilic, and the hydrophilic things will of course be washed away with water. It drops, thus achieving a gentle and cleansing effect.


PH Test

PH value is close to 5.5

mild and not irritating


Eyeliner, Mascara,

Eye shadow Test

warm compress for 15s and wipe

gently, and it will be clean easly


Dark Lip Makeup Test

wipe from the inside out,

gently decolorizing

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