Redness skin: What should we use in daily care?

Sensitive redness is a relatively difficult type of skin, but there is still a way to slowly adjust it by following scientific skin care techniques and using appropriate skin care products.

There are several reasons for the formation of redness:

  • Thinning of the stratum corneum and decreased skin barrier function.
  • The elasticity of the blood vessel wall is reduced, and the capillaries are abnormally expanded and contracted.
  • Capillary rupture.
  • Local inflammation and skin irritation.

Therefore, according to the above factors to choose products that can be satisfied, can slowly recover health. Before recommending a product, pay special attention to the big pit to avoid: don’t use fast-acting products of unknown origin. Most of the products that disappear after a few days of redness are the addition of prohibited substances. If it becomes hormonal-dependent dermatitis, it will only fuel the red blood and make the skin worse.

The following products are suitable for redness skin.

Cleaning class

Product requirements Cleaning products must be mild. For example, amino acid facial cleanser. Today, I am talking about an Ausmetics amino acid facial cleanser which has been on fire recently. The foaming ability is also outstanding, the foam is rich and dense, and it is not infused with soap-based cleansing. The amino acid content is very high. In addition, the oil-controlling, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial excellent players such as rosemary and olive are very friendly to the acne muscles that are inflamed. During the washing process, there is no irritation, and the face is still moist after washing, because there are moisturizing ingredients extracted from avocado tree.

Moisturizing protection

For redness skin, moisturizing cannot be underestimated. The safest and streamlined product, you can use Ausmetics face lotion. Really no preservatives, to ensure that the material can only go out, and avoid secondary pollution. This is a product for extremely sensitive and redness skin.In addition to glycerin, sodium hyaluronate and other traditional moisturizing ingredients. Containing ingredients that repair the lipid barrier is also necessary. For example, the current ceramides are used together with fatty acids and cholesterol. Can simulate and supplement the composition of the cuticle barrier. Therefore, it has the effect of repairing the stratum corneum.

Repair class

After the previous basic work is done, it is necessary to repair the redness skin. The main mechanism is to increase the elasticity and contractility of capillaries by shrinking and expanding the capillaries. Restores normal blood microcirculation, strengthens blood vessel walls, and prevents capillaries from rupturing again. Relieves skin inflammation to reduce skin redness.

In addition, some people with redness problems will feel hot on the face. Therefore, it is necessary to soothe the sensitivity of the skin and reduce the continuous heating of the skin.

The ingredients that have anti-allergy, soothing sensitivity, and repair capillaries are mainly oat polysaccharides, witch hazel, horse chestnut, false leaf tree, chamomile, etc. You can choose products containing these ingredients.

Redness skin is a more difficult type of problem skin that requires long-term correct care and the use of the right products. Stay optimistic and everything can be saved.

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