Skin / Facial Care Market: Global Vision
  • USD 465 billion – global cosmetic sales / 25% Skin care – USD 116 billion
  • 65% of Skin care is FACIAL care , mainly anti-aging claim
  • South Korea remains the most lucrative facial care market, and is also the third biggest market in terms of value sales – behind Japan and China.

An ageing population will continue to drive interest in anti-ageing facial care products which accounted for almost 4 in 10 launches.

  • The rising popularity of at-home anti-ageing devices and emphasise how their products can work in synergy with such devices to offer superior results.
  • Brands can look to improve anti-ageing ingredient knowledge among consumers –   they do not know much about what they do.

Spotlight on anti-ageing developments

  • 37% of global facial care launches in the last12 months were positioned as anti-ageing.
  • North America (48%) and Europe (41%), Asia Pacific (32%) and Latin America (20%).
  • Claims associated with promoting a youthful appearance, reducing fine lines (22% of launches) and brightening (32%) are also popular.
  • An ageing population in many markets will continue to drive interest.

Spotlight on ingredients and actives for cosmetics

  • UDS 10 billion – global sales for ingredients
  • USD 1 billion – global sales for active ingredients
  • Brands can look to improve anti-ageing ingredient knowledge among consumers – while many have heard of anti-ageing ingredients such as antioxidants and retinol.
  • Only 52% have heard about Peptides, 42% for Vitamins A, C, E or Plant stem cells, and 41% for co-enzyme Q10.
  • Complete lack of awareness for some ingredients, e.g. 44% have not heard of Hyaluronic Acid, 40% of plant stem cells and 37% of co-enzyme Q10

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