Product management

Our company established a long-term mechanism for product quality management and a comprehensive quality management system in order to controls the quality of the products. Because we believe products' quality is the life of a company. With strengthen the raw material control, technical support, production process control, sales control and other aspects, we can provide safety products.

Talent development

In the past few years, we have introduced more than 40 engineering and technical personnel with junior college education or middle and senior technical titles from all over the country, providing talent protection for the technological innovation and development of enterprises. We paying attention to employees: caring for our staff, shaping them, provides organisational systematic training, join hands with schools, to hold in-job training courses for college students and the establishment of enterprise skills personnel service stations, and constantly improves the professionalism of our staff. At the same time,we implemented a scientific internal incentive mechanism. During internal selection of outstanding staff promotion, we enable our employees to become more proactive.

Environmental protection

Ausmetics regards environmental protection as an important part of the company’s sustainable development strategy and pays attention to fulfilling the duties of corporate environmental protection.

In 2014, the production system focused on the rationalization proposals for the theme of “Saving energy, cost reduction and increase efficiency”, which fully improved the comprehensive utilization rate of energy and machine materials, including equipment, pipelines, waste equipment and facilities, machine materials and waste energy. The rationalization proposal for innovation and improvement is proposed to reduce the consumption of water and electricity energy and the recycling of resources. Optimizing and improve the existing production processes to achieve energy saving, emission reduction, production increase and efficiency.

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