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Ausmetics Daily Chemicals (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. is an Australian owned OEM & ODM cosmetics  manufacturing company which is specializing in marketing, products R&D and manufacturing which was established in 1998. It is the modern factory with 100,000 level dustless clean workshop of about 20,000 square meters for skin care, body care, toiletries, household and makeup products. It is certified with ISO 22716, cosmetics GMP quality management.

The environmental protection

Company holds the environmental protection as the important content of enterprise sustainable development  strategy, paying attention to the performance of enterprise environmental protection responsibility, positively  practice    friendly environment and resource saving development policy.

To integrate environmental management into the enterprise management system and put it into each link of  production. First of all, the company strengthen propaganda in the various departments to improve the  environmental awareness of the staff. secondly, implemented to every link in the process of production,  setting up topmiddle, to the team at the grassroots level from the enterprise target responsibility system,                 the formation of network management, timely notify blow down of department, completely bring the concept  of environmental protection to  each employee.

Use of modern information technology, implementation of paperless office, promoting the construction of  economical society, the company actively introduce financial computerization, ERP management, modern                information technology means such as Intranet, constantly improve OA office system, realize the paperless office, not only to save the paper cost, communication cost and mailing costs, but also reduces the contact by telephone, fax and mail to the occupation of the resource of social communication lines and postal, actively promoting the  construction of economical society.

The environmental protection

Encourage employees to innovate, obsolete backward production technology, building environment-friendly enterprises. production system collect rationalization proposal around the “energy saving authors,  increase efficiency” theme in 2014, fully improve the comprehensive utilization of the energy and materials,  including equipment, pipe lines, wasted equipment and facilities, machine material, wasted energy innovation,  improved rationalization proposal proposed to reduce gas consumption of energy and resources recycling,  improve and optimize the existing production process, to achieve energy conservation and emissions reduction,  and increase efficiency.

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